Why you should vote on 5 May – Cllr Matthew Webber

4 May 2022

Matthew Webber is currently a Harrogate Borough Councillor.

Matthew Webber said:

I’m away  trip with friends to N Ireland – a trip long booked and reschedule twice due to COVID.

For these elections after having chosen not to stand for a NYCC seat due to not being able to fit it around a full time job as it’s all daytime meetings in Northallerton.

Being a Councillor can sometimes be a thankless task, and councillors are also residents and services users in our area – they choose to do it for a variety of reasons.

We are representatives and not delegates and have to make many decisions, some either difficult or finely balanced, that will likely have an impact on residents and also themselves also as residents.

By people taking part in the process they can establish some ownership/part of the decision-making process that by electing people maybe give some decisions a steer in a particular way.

I have voted by post this time and would encourage people to take part in the process either by voting in person/post or even using a spoilt ballot to express their views.

To find the Ward you are in:

Enter your postcode and select “North Yorkshire Council divisions”

Go to Spectrum Spatial Analyst (northyorks.gov.uk)


For the list of councillors nominated in each area:


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