The work by Harrogate Borough Council in support of Ukraine

9 March 2022

Support for Ukraine is coming from many quarters. Throughout Harrogate there have been a number of groups making collections of essential items, and facilitating transportation.

Harrogate Borough Council is also providing support, and it has undertaken the following:

  • HBC housing team have been asked to identify available properties so that they can react quickly to provide accommodation for refugees, as they did for Syrian and Afghan refugees.
  • The government has made it clear that refugees will have access to public funds and the HBC benefits team are ready to assist.
  • They are working with Jenny Travena, a former independent councillor, who is working with the Harrogate District of Sanctuary to coordinate our efforts when refugees arrive
  • Taking part in the government’s matching scheme to provide suitable accommodation with individuals and families fleeing the war when the final arrangements for it are announced.
  • Determined that theye no contracts with Russian companies nor investments with them.
  • Cancelled performances at the Rotyal Hall from Russian linked companies.
  • Shown our solidarity with the people of Ukraine by hoisting their flag at the Civic Centre and the War Memorial.
Councillor Richard Cooper, Leader of Harrogate Borough Council

Richard Cooper, Leader of Harrogate Borough Council, said:

This is a humanitarian crisis and we need to do all we can to support refugees. There is clearly a national dimension and the government need to pull their collective finger out and get the visa situation sorted rapidly.

Locally we need to be ready to help at a council level and at a community level. That is why we are committed to providing suitable housing, benefits support and backing those community groups who have done such a fantastic job with the Syrian and Afghan refugees – more of whom are being resettled here shortly.

We have taken other measures and I know that the county council are doing so too. It is a terrible situation and we need to do what we can.



  1. I am considering helping too, who do I contact to find out the ins and outs of doing this please?

  2. Please could you make available the procedures required to offer a home for refugees in Harrogate.

    Thank you

  3. I am currently registered with the government and two other sites and waiting to hear back from two families. Also I do have recent DBS check so am ready to help. Nice to know there it’s lots of support when we can finally help properly! Thank you

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