Varieties of car filters, their purpose

3 March 2022

Modern cars are highly complex mechanisms in which all elements are interconnected and have a specific purpose. In addition to the key functional units, such as the engine, there are auxiliary devices that ensure the cleaning of work flows and prevent various breakdowns related to contamination of mechanisms.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the importance of filters and their timely renewal. Our article will allow you to understand why cleaners are needed and why you should not hesitate to replace them.

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The most important cleaners of modern cars

1. Fuel. They allow removing dirt, dust and rust from the fuel, as well as preventing the working fluid from mixing with the water that gets inside the car during refueling or precipitation.
2. Oil cleaner. Fights dangerous particles in the engine oil, which appear due to the friction of surfaces and penetration of solid combustion products of gasoline or diesel.
3. Air. Provides purification of the air masses that enter the engine, preventing the destruction of parts under the influence of impurities and abrasive substances. Additionally, it is needed to minimize the risk of moisture entering the system, reduce the noise background when starting the engine, as well as maintain uniform air circulation.

What other filters are installed on cars?

In addition to the main ones, there are other, no less important devices for cleaning liquids and gases, some of which are not used in cars, but are indispensable for trucks and special equipment. Their condition must also be monitored:

hydraulic filters are needed to keep hydraulic power units, brake systems and hydraulic actuators safe and improve their productivity, in parallel reducing the risk of premature wear;
Transmission cleaners ensure the smooth functioning of mechanical and automatic transmissions, prolonging their lifetime;
ventilation filters are necessary to prevent dust and other air contaminants, including exhaust gases, from entering the cabin;
air conditioning system cleaners – are used to maintain the necessary chemical composition and cleanliness of the coolant.

What to do in case of a breakdown?

There are car manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the replacement of cleaners, for example, a new oil filter should be installed every 10-15 thousand km of run. But it is often necessary to look for a new part because of premature wear or malfunctions.

Doing it yourself, especially if the car is under warranty, is undesirable (but you can, if you are familiar with the replacement of filters and your own car) all the more so that in addition to the obvious malfunction may be found and other failures.

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