Andrew Jones MP
Andrew Jones MP

Harrogate and Knaresborough MP, Andrew Jones, comments on the Ukraine situation

28 February 2022

Harrogate and Knaresborough MP, Andrew Jones, has issued a statement calling for as much support as possible for Ukrainian refugees. T

The full statement from Mr Jones reads:

The situation in Ukraine is extremely grave.

The loss of life is already appalling – military and civilian.  Whatever the eventual outcome it is clear that more lives will be lost; more human misery from lost loved ones, shattered lives and the incalculable loss of home and homeland.

The international community has come together to support Ukraine.  Significant and growing sanctions have been imposed.  I strongly agree with this. Sanctions are not consequence-free for the nations imposing them.  Prices will rise here; our markets will suffer; there will be other consequences.  But it is the right thing to do and we must hold fast to our resolve.  I am pleased that the UK has led the way in strengthening sanctions and hardening international resolve.

We must also help Ukraine with the tools to do the job to defend their democracy.  Ukraine is not a NATO member and therefore the collective security doctrine of ‘an attack on one is an attack on all’ does not apply.  However it is incumbent upon us to offer all the support we can short of directly engaging our troops, pilots and sailors in battle.  I am pleased that the United Kingdom has also led the way in offering military support.

And now, most importantly, we have to protect and support those fleeing this violence.  Help has been provided to Ukraine directly, and to neighbouring countries to help with the influx of refugees they are facing and more Ukrainians with family members now able to bring them here.  But we can and should go further.  Today I have co-signed a letter to the Prime Minister calling for the fullest possible support for Ukrainian refugees.  The letter says:

We urge the UK government to provide as much support as possible to our European partners who are currently the first safe havens for Ukrainian refugees, namely Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. We also hope our Ministers will seek a flexible and pragmatic approach to those Ukrainians wishing to seek temporary refuge in the UK until it is safe to return to their lives in their home country.

‘The United Kingdom cannot flag or fail, our message must be clear: Ukrainian victims of war seeking refuge are welcome.

Helping refugees from war zones is more than simply a matter of international cooperation or domestic policy.  It is a long standing part of how the UK operates, demonstrating the humanity and generosity of the British people and is a measure of our nation’s positive impact around the world.  It is a measure against which we must not be found wanting now in this time of great need for the people of Ukraine.

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  1. “Helping refugees from war zones is more than simply a matter of international cooperation or domestic policy. It is a long standing part of how the UK operates”

    It was until Jonesy and his tory mates made it impossible.

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