Best Crazy Time Strategies

22 February 2022

Do you want to play online casino games, yet you are still confused about what kind of game is suitable for you? As far as casino games are concerned, there are vast numbers of choices to choose from depending on what you want. Each game offers different bonuses and strategies to help you win the game.

If you like to avoid long game rules lists and details, Crazy Time could be the perfect online game. It is an online game that is considered a hybrid of the wheel of fortune and roulette. It is an easy and enjoyable online game that you would love.

What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a new live online game coming from Evolution Gaming. Its classic theme game show is primarily adapted to the iGaming landscape. Thus, game developers of this Crazy Time prove that its greatness will provide enjoyment and excitement to the players and the best wins they deserve to have.

The simple concept of Crazy Time combined with lucrative and surprising winning options and bonus rounds is perfect for both beginners and experienced players. It also offers different strategies that you can use to ensure success and fantastic prices in your account.

Crazy Time Game Strategies

If you want to play Crazy Time, you need to equip yourself with the best and most appropriate strategies. Doing this, you are given more chances of winning the game with great prizes. As far as game strategies are concerned, Crazy Time would give you a wide array of designs from you to choose.

Martingale Strategy

This kind of strategy is not only perfect for Crazy Time since it had already been used several times in playing classic roulette games before. To use this kind of game strategy, you need an amount to cover some of your potential losses.

This strategy would work in Crazy Time by betting four fields of bonuses with the initial bet. For instance, you have an initial stake of 1, which you will now have as your total bet on the initial round. If the fields are not entirely hit, you need to double the betting for the next round. You will now have a total of, and if you hit it, you can play for the bonuses and get some winnings. Statistically speaking, a bonus field usually appears in every six rounds in Crazy Time. With such information, you are already given a hint on the amount of money you need to have.

Probabilistic Strategy

Such a strategy is perfect for those who want to test themselves with the machines. To use this strategy, you need to first open the tab for game history. This requires a lot of patience. This will give you calculations on some revealed fields that require less than six rounds for hitting. These kinds of areas will provide you with profitable betting. 

Low-Volatility Strategy

With this Crazy Time strategy, you need to spread betting in as many areas as possible. For instance, if your budget for playing the game is about, you can divide it into every round. You can also have the betting on five among the eight possible choices. This gives you about a 50% chance of winning in the Crazy Time fields.

Bonus Fields

Crazy Time also gives you the best bonuses that you would enjoy. Four different kinds of bonuses are hidden just behind the game bonus fields. Excitement and thrills are guaranteed as you get to know and make use of the bonuses offered by Crazy Time.

Coin Flip is a kind of bonus that will decide on your luck. It would help if you threw a coin on the red or blue side. Each side provides a multiplier with a corresponding value to give you further winnings. Another bonus is known as the cash hunt. If the wheel immediately stops in the cash hunt area, a lucrative round for bonus is triggered. Behind its wheel is a winning wall with the biggest wins. The player will shoot at 108 fields using a rifle scope and then determine his luck.

Pachinko bonus is played using a giant pinball at its bottom part where different multipliers can be hit. With the use of some clicks, you can make use of the ball to reach the appropriate field with great multipliers. With only a little skill and patience, you are assured of winning great prizes with this bonus. Another one is the bonus round, where everyone is given a chance to win. It provides three flap wheels where these wheels provide hidden prizes.


Crazy Time is an online game that you would love to play. It offers excellent chances of winning together with the strategies to help you play the game at ease and with fun. So, if you search for the best online game, why not give Crazy Time a try. Rest assured that with the experience that you are going to get in this kind of game, time, money, and effort that you’re going to spend will all be worth it. For additional strategy planning, check historic crazy time results.

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