The Ivy Harrogate

The Ivy Harrogate venture into CBD infused cocktails

The Ivy in Harrogate invited us to try their new CBD infused cocktails, along with the set evening menu. Both were given complimentary, so thanks to the Ivy for that.

The Ivy opened in Harrogate during late 2017, part of a development, seeing The Ivy-branded restaurants in places such as York, Leeds and Manchester. The opening in Harrogate was probably one of the smaller locations chosen – hopefully a reflection on their confidence in the town.

There is no denying that in a relatively short time for a restaurant, they have established a base for themselves in Harrogate.

We visited on a Tuesday in January, and they were around half full – which is good for the time of year and the day of the week. But what is the appeal of the restaurant ? Certainly when they opened, many looked towards The long-established Ivy in London, along with their celebrity associations, wanting a slice of that lifestyle. The truth is that Ivy is part of a different business, but inspired the wider rollout through the country. That appeal though is time limited, and they have developed a reputation for a consistent menu, along with friendly and attentive service.

The CBD cocktails are interesting. They don’t get you high, but we certainly felt an effect with being relaxed. The CBD is infused in the cocktail and of course doesn’t contain marijuana’s main active, THC. The CBD Spritz, made with trip peach and ginger CBD was delicious.

CBD infused cocktails
CBD infused cocktails

During our visit, we chose from the evening set menu. That’s a more restrictive menu at £27.95 for three courses, Sunday to Thursday. Starters were Salt and Pepper squid, and the crispy duck. Both were delicious, the squid came with a spicy wasabi mayo, and the duck salad had some fiery. The presentation of both was good, in that you could decide how spicy you wanted each mouthful.

Mains were a roasted salmon with chips, or a posh fish and chips in Yorkshire. A generous sized portion of nicely cooked salmon and crispy chips.

It has been interesting to following the launch, and then the development of the restaurant over just a few years. It widely acknowledged that opening and establishing a new restaurant is, statistically, very difficult.  -With the decor, consistent menu and service, it has developed  a big-city feel and it has hit a sweet spot for the town



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