Artists’ impressions of aspects of the revised designs for each of Harrogate

Harrogate Gateway – keep the conversation going by taking part in a “polis” poll

The Harrogate Gateway Project is a £10.9million scheme to redevelop the area around James Street, Victoria Monument, Railway Station and the Bus Station.

Polis is a real-time system for gathering, analyzing and understanding what large groups of people think in their own words, enabled by advanced statistics and machine learning.

The formal public consultation is now closed, but there is still NYCC background information on the scheme here:

Harrogate Station Gateway | Your Voice (

The scheme has been subject to a NYCC-run consultation, been presented to the North Yorkshire Area Committee (for information) and subject to a community-run poll.

The next stage is on the 25 January 2022, when the NYCC Executive will make a decision. It will be not subject to a meaningful vote by councillors.

We have worked with the not for profit Crowd Wisdom Project in Harrogate to put forward a further poll, based using the Polis system.

The main difference with this poll to others is that those completing the poll can shape the questions being asked. That means, if the initial questions being posed weren’t the ones you thought should be asked, you can add more. More to follow on the Crowd Wisdom Project in future news items.

The Polis Poll:



  1. What’s the point? They’ve made their minds up that this is a great idea. Yet another council generated scheme that pays no attention to the needs or wishes of residents apart from a few vocal groups that shout the loudest.
    If you want a good way to push people away from shopping in or visiting Harrogate this yet another to achieve it.
    The traffic flow options for the cycle lanes are an accident in waiting.

  2. Harrogate is simply used as bait for government funds. We do not know how much of council tax is also being spent. The scheme is admitted to increase emissions and pollution with no evidence that other than a handful of younger well-heeled cyclists would benefit. Certainly the majority of over 50’s who have high levels of disability, hearing and visual impairment will be discriminated against

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