How Segebrecht Secured the Super Million$

Read on for all the details on Claas Segebrecht and his impressive win
29 December 2021

The GGPoker Super MILLION$ tournament is the highlight of the year for poker fans. It separates the men from the boys before all the men head to their respective World Series of Poker tournaments and sees loads of prospective players aim to reach the big boys’ table.

This year’s games were no different. Wrapping up in July, nine hopefuls duked it out across the green felt table, and eventually one came out a winner. Read on for all the details on Claas Segebrecht and his impressive win.

What is the GGPoker Super MILLION$?

The GGPoker Super MILLION$ is the event of the pre-WSOP circuit. It is the biggest poker festival dedicated to high rollers at GGPoker, with the biggest buy-ins and the biggest rewards. The event’s entry costs range from $100 to $25,000, but the crowning jewel is the main event.

With a $1,000 entry fee and hours of playing, poker players can gain ample dollars to fund their time at the World Series of Poker.

This year 123 players were itching to join the game, but only nine players had the chips to back up their ambition. Segebrecht was joined by meow41, Joakim Andersson, Ramiro Petrone, Simon Mattsson, Bruno Volkmann, Chris Puetz, Sergio Aido, and Yuri Dzevielevski.

Who is Claas Segebrecht?

Claas Segebrecht will be one to keep your eye on as the World Series of Poker launches in 2022. The German poker player once again cleaned up, this time in the GGPoker Super MILLION$ event.

Known online as “Ssick_OnE”, Segebrecht is a new face on the scene with little known about him. The economics student from Budapest is known to frequent PokerStars under his online pseudonym, where he has been granted the title of Spring Championship of Online Poker Champion three times.

However, he is a regular at the World Series of Poker tables, having cashed in at 26 tables since 2014 and reached the main event of the European Poker Tour in 2013. He has reached third place in the high roller event at the World Series of Poker Europe and has already gathered an impressive $2.5 million since his start in live winnings.

And since his win at the GGPoker Super MILLION$, we’re likely to see him again at the 2022 WSOP online events.

The game

Starting as one of nine players eventually became a tense one on one in this poker game. Segebrecht confidently sat down as the player with the most chips having accumulated them from three hours of pre-games. A buy-in entry of $1,000 somehow grew into a colossal $267,285 over the course of the day.

His opponent, Bruno Volkmann, was the closest to block him from his win, holding an advantage on chips and causing Segebrecht to fall behind after a series of early clashes.

What made the game a true underdog story was Volkmann’s advantage of 9.4 million to Segebrecht’s 2.8 million, causing interested parties to place their bets on the Brazilian for the win.

But Segebrecht’s approach was methodical, and he slowly chipped away at Volkmann’s mighty stack of chips like David facing Goliath.

Eventually, the face off came down to the final hand which saw Segebrecht shamefully enter into the arena with a series of disappointing hands, but a lot of calls. After a back and forth of calling, the board fell 6-9-3 and a nine on the river caused Segebrecht to push all-in. Seeing he wasn’t about to beat Segebrecht’s hand, Volkmann folded for second place, allowing Segebrecht to claim the champion title.

With the $267,285 takeaway from the table, we’re bound to see more of Segebrecht as the games continue.

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