What to Do When You’re on a Losing Streak

17 September 2021

It’s not a matter of if, but when you will hit a losing streak. It’s inevitable for any gambler – and it can be devastating to your bankroll. When you’re on a losing streak, what should you do? Gamblers have used many strategies over the years to try and break their losing streak. Here are some ways that may work for you.

Accept That You’re on a Losing Streak

One of the reasons you might be losing perpetually in the first place is because you’re in denial. This can be a hard pill to swallow, but if you’re on a losing streak, there’s no use lying about it.

The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can take corrective measures. Stop chasing losses with more bets. Accept that your luck may be turning around soon, but don’t try to force it by playing on.

Take a Break from Gambling for Awhile

When you’re on a losing streak, the last thing you want is more bad luck compounding your problems. Taking some time off can help prevent this – and even make room for you to catch up on other social activities.

There’s no harm in waiting it out for a week or two – and there are benefits to doing so, like the fact that when you do come back, you’ll have more money with which to play. Plus, you need some time away from the computer screen, so why not do something fun?

Stop Playing for the Day

It can be tempting when you’re on a losing streak, and it’s easy to go back to the tables to try and win your money back quickly. However, this will likely result in even more loss for you down the road.

If you hit your first real loss of a set amount, say, $100 – stop playing. You don’t have to use up all your money before you stop playing. Just lock up what you have and don’t bet anymore that day.

If You’re on a Losing Streak, Play Slower

Losses can get into your head when they come in a row like this – but between losing another $100 and taking a break from the tables, it makes more sense to take the break. Walk around the floor and see if you can find some inspiration somewhere.

Once you get your head on straight, go back to playing at a slower pace if possible – more hands per hour and smaller bets will mean fewer losses overall (even though they’ll be lower-stakes). You can still win and “get right” even when it takes a while.

Gamble Within Your Bankroll Limits

This simple yet often overlooked principle is vital in controlling gambling losses; set a bankroll limit and stop when you’ve hit it. You should keep your gambling bankroll in one account to avoid spending money meant for other needs.

This is easier said than done since it can be hard to stop playing when you’re on a losing streak, but avoiding compulsive behavior will prevent further losses and by doing this. You’ll still have money left over for another day, which is the most important thing.

Assess Your Playing Strategy

Sometimes, the problem is not how you are playing but what you’re doing at the table. Evaluate your strategy and see if there’s something that you can do to improve your overall outcome. As a rule of thumb, think about the following:

What are your win rates? If you’re hardly winning any games, then perhaps it’s time to try other options.
Are you playing too many hands/trying to force things that don’t work out? Forcing situations can lead to higher stakes and greater losses in the long run.
How much are you betting at once? If your bets are way out of your comfort zone, then perhaps it’s time to lower them a bit.
Talk to Someone

Believe it or not, most gamblers have experienced losing patches in their lives, which can be very frustrating. However, losing streaks are just part of the game; they’re an inevitable factor that one must face at some time or another.

The best thing that you can do is find someone who understands your situation and talk about it. Even if that person isn’t an expert poker player themselves, there may be tricks or tips they know which could help improve your overall game results.

Get Busy with Non-Gambling Activities

One mistake many gamblers make is to sit at home all day, waiting for the next time they can play. However, this puts you in a bad mindset – and if your immediate area is quiet with no distractions whatsoever, it’s very easy to fall into negative thinking patterns, which will cause even more losses.

To avoid getting stuck in such an unpleasant situation, make sure you find some exciting things to keep yourself occupied. There’s always something fun to try out which can help take your mind off things – such as exercising or spending time with your family.

A losing streak is part of the game, but it doesn’t have to be bad. You need to know how to navigate yourself through that moment with these guidelines. The next time you find yourself on a hot and cold streak at the casino or racetrack, try one of these tactics–and hopefully, they will help you get back into your winning ways.  Meanwhile, boost your bankroll with a $1000 bonus on your first jackpot casino login.

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