Silent protest in Harrogate against the vaccination of children

Around 25 parents and grandparents came together today for a silent protest against the vaccination of children.

Around 25 parents and grandparents came together today for a silent protest against the vaccination of children.

A human chain was formed outside St Aidans CofE school in Harrogate, and they stood in silence.

The Joint Centre for Vaccine Immunisation (JCVI) has not given a recommendation to vaccination 12 to 15-year olds, but the government has made a decision to roll out a programme that will initially ask parents for permission, and then seek permission from the child themselves. Law enables permission to be sought for the covid-19 vaccination from the child.

We spoke to a number of those protesting:

I am here because the children are being subject to an experimental vaccine.

The vaccine shouldn’t be anywhere near these young people.

I have a 15-year-old grandson and I worry that his peers will push him into having the vaccine.

People seem to be brain dead – they are not looking.


I have one child at St Aidan’s School, and  I am here to support like-minded parents and to fight the war on misinformation and disinformation

and to vocalise my anger on the government’s U-turn on the JCVI.


I am here today because I want to protect children, and they have virtually a zero percent chance of getting sick and dieing with covid.

There is no long-term data on the effects of the vaccines, and children should never be used as a shield for the sick and the vulnerable.



  1. Children having the vaccine or not having the vaccine is the choice of parent and child. There really is no need to protest about it.

  2. There is every need to protest because the Govt are claiming that children are “Gillick competent” to decide on their own without parental consent. Gillick competency means that a child is able to understand the pros, cons and long term effects of a particular medical intervention and, in this case, none of the experts can know about the long term effects on puberty.

  3. I don’t understand why you are trying to stop children from getting a vacation. Look at polio, we managed to eradicate that by vaccines. Of course you have the right of free speech but the fact is, would you want your children to be that small percent that is hooked up to a ventilator or have COVID and give it to a child or any other person that might die because of this virus.

  4. How ridiculous, Aspirin wouldn’t be an approved drug if it went through the same tests the vaccine has had to pass today. These people need to get a grip.

  5. Anyone who thinks a child should be able to give consent for the C-jab tell me why a child can’t go into a pub and get a pint? Or drive a auto? Or buy a pack of fags? Or enlist in the armed forces? Riddle me that, Batman…

  6. Absolutely ridiculous. To take advantage of the incompetence of the children and take their choice as an argument to vaccinate them. I would call it a crime. Hopefully this evil plan will be stopped.

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