Letter: Congratulations to the Libdem winners in Knaresborough

10 August 2021

Dear editor,

Congratulations to Hannah and Andy of the Liberal Democrats on winning the HBC and Town Council seats at the recent Knaresborough Scriven Park by-election.  The local Green Party decided not to contest the seats because, in the context of the cumulative disasters of the climate crisis, pandemic,  Brexit,  and the lack of appropriate leadership (at national and local level),  it is imperative that the Conservatives are replaced.  The current ‘first past the post’ voting system is loaded against progressive parties, so we must work smarter until we have a system of  proportional representation (PR).  Therefore, the local  Green Party invited the local Liberal Democrats and Labour Party to discuss cooperation.  Sadly, Labour felt unable to do so. We agreed with the Liberal Democrats to step aside in this by-election  to help them win this seat,  and they will reciprocate at a future election elsewhere.

The election letter to residents from our current MP, Andrew Jones, Conservative, was a prime example of dissembling.   It tried to make us believe that the local  Conservative party is completely separate from the  national Conservative party’s policy and actions which are unfairly influenced by donations by vested interests. This leads  to corruption, cronyism, lies, manipulation of the media and electorate,  and ultimately the destruction of our natural world as well as our public services and social justice.   Support for the Liberal Democrats at this election was the best way to rid us of yet more Conservative influence locally, as well as move us towards a fairer voting system.  We wish them well and will continue to support them in their work towards a fairer, greener society.


Shan Oakes

Coordinator for Harrogate and District Green Party

‘The price of freedom is eternal vigilance’

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