‘Wild, Crazy, Let’s Talk Mental Health’ garden open to the public with an aim to help promote talk around mental health and support

‘Wild, Crazy, Let’s Talk Mental Health’ is a garden open to the public on the corner of Mayfield Grove and Mayfield Terrace.

It is the creation of Paul Iveson, who has drawn on his own experiences of mental health and his work helping people with addiction.

Paul Iveson said:

I have lived in this area for 16-years, and for the last few years I have been doing a themed garden every year.

Last year I did a garden about climate change and the effects of plastic. We had a fully-fitted bathroom suite, filled with plastic and with red water flowing over it, signifying the danger.

It got a lot of attention, and a lot of people really liked it.

So when I came thinking about this year, I had some personal tragedy in January, and I suffer from PTSD from my time in the services, so as there are a lot of people curently struggling with mental health, so I thought let’s do a garden talking about mental health.

So in the garden I have displays listing some of the different types of mental health issues, why people may heave mental health issues, and supporting information.

It has been really nice and I have had a lot of people stopping and talking, and that also helps me to be able to chat.

Sometimes they have come in, and had a coffee, and through my addiction training, I have been able to sign-post them on for support.

The garden is crazy, wild, and full of suprises. I would encourage people to come along, and come in and have a look around.

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