Comment on the Harrogate Gateway Plan – deadline end 24 March 2021

Major changes are being proposed for the area adjacent to the train and bus station in Harrogate, and now is your last chance to have your say on the early stage proposals - this is not the last chance to comment, but it is the last chance to comment on this stage of the development.

Major changes are being proposed for the area adjacent to the train and bus station in Harrogate, and now is your last chance to have your say on the early stage proposals – this is not the last chance to comment, but it is the last chance to comment on this stage of the development.

North Yorkshire County Council, Harrogate Borough Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority are working together to deliver exciting improvements in Harrogate town centre which will benefit residents, businesses and visitors alike.

The project is part of the Leeds City Region Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) programme, a major new programme of investment that aims to create a step change in travel across the region.

How to take part in the consultation

For more information visit: www.yourvoice.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/Harrogate

(Pay attention to the downloadable PDF files that contain most of the detailed information, rather than just the web page)

This will allow you to:

  • Read about the proposals for Harrogate
  • Fill in the online survey

If you haven’t done so already, please complete the survey before end of Wednesday 24 March, when the consultation closes.


Harrogate Borough Council, North Yorkshire County Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority are working together to deliver an exciting £7.9m worth of improvements which will benefit residents, business and visitors alike.

Providing an accessible, attractive and cleaner alternative to car journeys is at the heart of Leeds City Region’s Transforming Cities Fund (TCF) – a major new £317 million TCF programme of transport infrastructure investment secured as part of the West Yorkshire devolution deal, plus local match funding.

A transport system fit for the 21st century is absolutely vital, not only as we look to pave a way forward for our region following the COVID-19 pandemic, but also in tackling climate change by helping us achieve our aim of becoming a net zero carbon economy by 2038.

The aim of this investment

  • Improve transport connections to the town centre and public transport stations, giving people better access to jobs, education, healthcare and leisure facilities
  • Reduce the carbon emissions associated with transport to help address climate change
  • Support the regeneration of the Station Parade area of the town
  • Improve public health and wellbeing

They want to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve the walking and cycling links to Harrogate bus and railway stations and the town centre
    Increase the number of people traveling to or from Harrogate Station and in and around Harrogate town centre by environmentally friendly transport (bus, on foot and by bike)
  • Positively enhance the sense of place within the town centre and create a higher quality environment for visitors, residents and nature

The Proposals

The proposals are focused on Station Parade and adjoining streets. On this webpage you will find information including plans and visualisations to help you understand what is proposed.

Next Steps  

Following the close of the public consultation on 24 March, all feedback will be considered as the designs evolve.

There will be more opportunities to provide feedback on evolving and improved plans later in 2021 before we submit a planning application and request funding to begin construction.


  1. What a wate of money we can’t even give the nurses a decent pay rise cycle lanes in the south that were put down are being taken up roads closed over 70% object to it read the national newspapers some are taking the councils to court

  2. What a complete waste of money,will destroy the shops business.harrogate traffic and parking is bad enough and slow enough doing this will make it double worse.crazy idea.spend the money on looking after our nurses and doctors and care home carers.

  3. Destroying the spa town of it’s history and view of the Town, Station parade is a must keep Gateway for car traffic we get all the conference room booked and holiday town will people end up unable to get by their own vehicle this money should be spent on hospital key workers and getting unemployment people back into work and giving homeless people back there independence from living on the street. Also building new affordable rented accommodation and ensuring people will be back in the Spa town without parking problems already a nightmare in harrogate which have been a problem for decades ago.

  4. So rip up some planters, paint some bikes on 1 lane of the road change the words under utilised space to POTENTIAL location of art feature (ie under utilised space?!) Take out more planters and make something that looks remarkably like what is being touted as underutilised space in the current layout. Taxi stand….oh wait that’s already there. Oh sorry I did forget the new safer crossing..wait what pelican crossings are unsafe??!! What are they going to do with all the other unsafe crossings in the town?!! I am just so happy that we live in a town where everything is so perfect we finally get around to sorting out the horror of oudated planting schemes. Seriously HBC PRIORITIES!!!

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