Harrogate Spring Water
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Campaigners call for people to comment on Harrogate Spring Water bottling plant extension plans


Following the rejection of the recent  variation for a larger extension to the  bottling plant into  Wood, the original application (20/01539/REMMAJ) is now being reviewed by  Council.

The full plans for the original extension were submitted in May 2020 along with the variation for the larger extension. (As a reminder outline  for the original extension was approved in May 2017 with a number of strict condition.)

Neil Hind, Pinewoods Conservation Group said:

We’ve seen almost 100 objections raised over the last few weeks but still need more. It is important that residents make their views known around the full planning application for the original expansion of Harrogate Spring Water.

This will still result in the majority of Rotary Wood being developed without the offer of any new land for compensation.


Nicky Cain of Harrogate Spring Water said:

As a considered business, we remain focused on reviewing all options and undertaking the necessary actions required, in order to determine the best steps forward (for everyone concerned).

We continue to be committed to maintaining productive working relationships with our stakeholders and can provide assurance that we will re-engage in the consultation process as soon as we have an update on our position.

We recognise that there is not a statutory deadline for our existing application to be determined, and as such, we have not yet set any timeline. It remains our priority to ensure an agreeable outcome and in doing so, we shall take the appropriate time and measures required to inform our decision-making.

Sarah Gibbs said:

Only last month, the council refused the further expansion. They acknowledged the current climate crisis and pollution problem. They acknowledged that times have changed. They recognised the value of Rotary Wood as a community asset and aid in reducing carbon emissions. They acknowledged the inadequate compensation. These reasons to reject are still very relevant; perhaps more so.

To allow this development to go ahead would be complete hypocrisy. It would contradict HBC Woodland action plan and their 2018/19 Carbon Reduction Strategy. Planning was given in 2017. It is out of touch.

Times have drastically changed and so must we. This is public land. Public response so far is that this is not wanted. We need to protect our habitats. We need to prioritise planet over profit and look beyond the greenwashing.

You can comment online or via email.

Goto https://uniformonline.harrogate.gov.uk/online-applications/
Type in “20/01539/REMMAJ” as the application reference and click search;
Click “Comments”
Login and make a comment (or register);
Add your text into the comments box, choose ‘object’ and submit.

Via Email
Email planningcomments@harrogate.gov.uk and include “20/01539/REMMAJ” in the subject.
Please include your name and address and make it clear you are objection to the proposal.

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