Closure of local bank branch: Halifax, Market Place in Knaresborough

24 February 2021

On the 1 March 2021, Halifax, 15 Market Place, HG5 8AL, is due to close.

This will doubtless be disappointing to Halifax customers in Knaresborough. However, alternative banking provision is available to local residents at post office branches nearby.

The nearest post offices to the closing Halifax branch are:

49 High Street Harrogate

Starbeck PO
51 High Street Starbeck

Goldsborough PO
Yew Tree Cottage
Station Road

Each of these branches offers banking services – including deposits of up to £2,000 cash per transaction, free cash withdrawals and balance checks, as well as offering face-to-face access to government services, bill payment, foreign currency, travel insurance and, of course, postal services.

Cllr Ed Darling said:

As the local councillor for the town centre ward I am disappointed that Halifax will close imminently, but I am thankful that the branch has remained open for 10 months longer than initially planned.

Work continues to increase Knaresborough’s number of ATMs in town centre locations.  Meanwhile, Harrogate Borough Council have recently completed a consultation on the town’s banking needs and I look forward to reviewing its findings in due course.”

A spokesperson for the the National Federation of SubPostmasters, said:

Every post office plays a vital role within the heart of the local community. Post offices provide a reliable and essential service which has continued at a high standard across the whole of the UK throughout the pandemic.


    • Halifax should Not close,now all banks will have gone from our lovely town of knaresborough ,postofice is a small they will be people queuing outside,wot about the elderly,it won’t work,Beautiful Town of Knaresborough,it’s so sad 😞

  1. Halifax closing at a time difficult for vulnerable people. No provision for pass book accounts in town. Unacceptable queues already at Knaresborough post office….stretching down the street most of the day. Loss of two cash points in town centre a tragedy as other cash points usually out of money at weekend

  2. It’s very sad and very annoying that we are to lose the Halifax, the Post Office isnt big enough and as things are at the moment queuing for some is very difficult and the weather restricts people’s ability to do this.
    The staff are very friendly and helpful whenever I’ve been in but there isnt enough of them.

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