North Yorkshire, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Elections
North Yorkshire, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Elections

Welcome to your Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) candidates for the election on 6 May 2021

9 February 2021

It has now been confirmed that there will be County Council along with North Yorkshire Police Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) of North Yorkshire elections on the 6 May 2021.

  • Independent – Keith Tordoff
  • Conservative Party Candidate – Phil Allott
  • Labour Party Candidate – Alison Hume
  • Liberal Democrat – due to be put forward soon
Keith Tordoff
Keith Tordoff MBE, independent candidate

Keith Tordoff MBE, independent candidate:

The Government have confirmed the Local and Police Fire and Crime Commissioner ( PFCC ) elections for North Yorkshire are going ahead on May 6th.

As a prospective candidate for the role of Police Fire and Crime Commissioner – a role which I believe should be independent – I look forward to the campaigning ahead.

The election of the PFCC is important not only for the residents of North Yorkshire but also the Police and Fire Service personnel.

I look forward to outlining my proposed policies and to having open debates with the public and other candidates about these via technology in these difficult times.

The election is an opportunity for residents, the Police and Fire service personnel to elect someone who will work with them to make a better society for every single person resident or visiting North Yorkshire for the years ahead.

Philip Allott
Philip Allott, Conservative Party Candidate

Philip Allott, Conservative Party Candidate said:

I am delighted that the Government has provided election certainty concerning the date of the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) elections which will now be held throughout England on May 6 2021.

These elections were due to be held last May but were postponed until 2021 due to Covid-19. Whatever the outcome of the North Yorkshire PFCC election in May, and I am obviously contesting it to win, it is vital that the successful candidate is elected with a mandate to deliver a programme of policing and fire management that improves the safety of everyone living in North Yorkshire. For my part I have identified the following as my key election priorities:

To create a taskforce to target and break county lines drug dealers

The recruitment of  more police officers to arrest law breakers and cut anti-social behaviour

To allocate more police resources to tackle rural and cross-border crime

I will also look to pool certain police and fire resources, to enable remotely based police officers to work out of fire stations and the fire service to benefit from sharing certain police backroom support. Any savings from these changes will be reinvested back into frontline services.

All of these commitments are possible thanks to the current government’s decision to spend more on policing in North Yorkshire and to increase the number of full time police officers. So far over 80 more officers have been appointed as part of the pledge to recruit 200 police officers across North Yorkshire and York by 2023.

The successful PFCC candidate will not only set the police and fire priorities and manage a combined budget in excess of £200 million, but will also be required to work closely with the Government to ensure that North Yorkshire is not ignore.

Alison Hume, Labour Party candidate
Alison Hume, Labour Party candidate

Alison Hume, Labour Party candidate:

As a proud working mother of three and disability campaigner, I understand how ordinary families are feeling at this terribly difficult time.  With over thirty years’ experience in the creative industries I have honed my skills as a listener and a communicator. If elected on May 6th I will be a strong and passionate voice to speak up for you and your families and to hold the Police and Fire Services to account.

If elected, I would order a full review of the “Enable North Yorkshire” project to understand whether the merger of police & fire back office functions is both cost-effective and does not disadvantage the Fire & Rescue Service. I would also commit to bringing the costs of the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner back to previous police authority levels as the cost of bureaucracy has ballooned.

My PFCC priorities include securing a better national funding deal for our frontline heroes, adopting a comprehensive strategy to reduce violence against women and girls, focusing on eliminating county lines drug dealing, targeting fraud and cybercrime against the elderly and expanding the number of rural crime officers.

I look forward to meeting you “virtually” to discuss your concerns and hear your ideas on how to make the area you live in safer and more connected.

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