Scargill road

Postal deliveries put on hold to Harrogate street following dog attacks

20 January 2021

Postal deliveries have been put on hold to a street in Harrogate, following a number of dog attacks towards a postman.

A resident of Scargill road in Harrogate noticed the postman walking past the end of the road and was told that deliveries were on hold due to a dangerous dog that has bitten 4 of their postmen.

The locals have been left in a difficult position with apparent in-action from North Yorkshire Police on the matter.

Mail is having to be picked up from the sorting office, but it is not clear how long that will be for and when deliveries will resume.

Some local people are also avoiding walking past the property for fear of the dog, taking a longer route to avoid passing.

The dog is a medium-sized dog, that is possibly a bull mastiff.

The matter has been raised with the local dog warden, who told the owner to erect a gate and fence, but that hasn’t happened. The dog warden has now said it is a matter for North Yorkshire Police.

We are not aware of any action from North Yorkshire Police on this matter.

We approached North Yorkshire Police for comment. They have declined to provide any details or confirm if they were aware of the incidents – the police were given addresses and the nature of the incidents.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said:

Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately you have not provided enough detail for us to begin searching for information about this incident.

We will update this news item as things change.

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