Harlow Greens Campaigner, Rebecca Maunder
Harlow Greens Campaigner, Rebecca Maunder

HBC planning report shows support for Harrogate Spring Water/ Danone bottling plant

18 January 2021

The agenda for the Planning Committee to be held on Tuesday, 26th January 2021, 2.00 pm has been published.

The agenda reports show support for Harrogate Spring Waters/ Danone’s planning request to build up to 6,800sqm bottling plant on an area of land called the Rotary Woods area of the Pinewoods

Meeting venue will be livestreamed here: https://bit.ly/HarrogateYouTube 

The report can be read  at:

See 19/05245/DVCMAJ – Harrogate Spa Water Limited, Harlow Moor Road, Harrogate, HG2 0QB

The report recommends that the  application be DEFERRED and APPROVED subject to s106 Agreement securing the long-term management of the biodiversity compensation site.

A spokesperson from Pinewoods Conservation Group said:

This is unfortunately typical by Harrogate Council where ecological and environmental impact of a decisions are often ignored. The report makes it clear that a significant number of trees will be lost and the proposed development would lead to a loss of public amenity.

It is also confirmed plans are not carbon-neutral and fails to comply with the Council’s own Carbon Reduction Strategy 2019. However, the recommendation is still to approve despite the 100s of objections and clear negative impacts.

We can only hope that the councillors on the planning committee can take account of the bigger picture here.

The report gives a recommendation to allow planning permission for a building of up to 6,800sqm, an increase of the 4,800sqm originally given outline planning permission on a 0.94ha area of woodland.

The main issues are:
• Policy
• Economic Development
• Trees
• Landscape
• Biodiversity
• Public Amenity
• Highways
• Conservation Area
• Residential amenity
• Drainage
• Single plastic use
• Carbon sequestration
• Asset of Community Value

The final decision will be from a vote from the councillors at the planning committee.

See 19/05245/DVCMAJ – Harrogate Spa Water Limited, Harlow Moor Road, Harrogate, HG2 0QB

Rob Pickering, senior spokesperson at Harrogate Spring Water, said:

At this step in the approval process, we are pleased with the outcome of the planning committee report and grateful for the council’s support with this application.

We’d like to reassure the local community that the plan for Rotary Wood places a huge focus on supporting the local environment and promoting biodiversity. Our plans include a commitment to replacing the trees on a two for one basis and a long term plan to ensure they are looked after and protected. And for the area of Rotary Woods that will remain as woodland, we will be investing to enhance its accessibility and usability for the community.

We are and will continue to be good considerate neighbours within Harrogate. We’ll look to work with everyone around us to ensure they play a key part in shaping the area.

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