Big Energy Savings with Warm & Well North Yorkshire as they help 24,000 households in fuel poverty

18 January 2021

Warm & Well North Yorkshire are here to help the 24,000 households living with fuel poverty in North Yorkshire, potentially resulting in savings of hundreds of pounds per year!

This week (18 to 25 January) is Big Energy Savings Week, a national campaign to help people cut their energy bills and get the financial support they are entitled to. Many people find this process daunting; they don’t know how to do it or where to start, but that’s one of the reasons the Warm & Well in North Yorkshire service exists. It’s a helpline run by Citizens Advice Mid-North Yorkshire that anyone in the region can call to make steps to reduce their energy bills to ensure their home is warm.

Energy saving advice and practical tips are given over the phone, but Warm & Well also have a team of energy saving experts who can visit people in their own home and go through all the steps they need to switch suppliers and start saving money.

One of the organisations they can refer you to is the Yorkshire Energy Doctor. She hears time and time again that ‘it’s easy to switch tariffs’ but knows that is not always the case. The Energy Doctor says, “It’s not easy for everyone. Many people don’t understand their bills, many don’t have a computer and many don’t know where to get the information needed to make such a switch.”

Donna from Selby is one of the people helped by this service, “She showed me different energy companies, different tariffs and talked me through them. We found a deal together and changed the way I pay from pre-payment to direct debit which was a cheaper option for me.”

The switch was quick, it was all done in a couple of hours and now Donna is saving £500 a year. She is still careful with her usage and monitors it, but now feels in control, “I can put the heater on for longer. It’s brilliant.”

If you are struggling with keeping your home warm this winter due to money worries, please visit or call 01609 767555.

It’s a free service, completely confidential, and the helpline is open to anyone in North Yorkshire. There are some eligibility criteria to access further funding. And it all starts with a friendly call.

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