Further call for Harrogate Hospital to drop staff parking charges, amounting to £600 a year per staff member

14 January 2021

In a recent letter the chairman, on behalf of the county council, has asked the Chief Executive of the Harrogate Hospital Trust to cancel hospital parking charges for front line staff for the duration of the Covid outbreak.

This initiative started as a proposal from the Liberal Democrat Group to North Yorkshire County Council last July but was delayed by a Conservative amendment which removed all reference to free parking.

The hospital has been running a scheme where it asks for the car parking fee to paid to the hospital charity. They have also been operating a scheme that has been unfair to local residents, who pay for residents parking. That’s a scheme where a note is put in the window of a car saying that they work at Harrogate Hospital.

Chairman’s letter attached – sent to all trusts in the county

Councillor Geoff Webber, leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on the County Council, said:

I am delighted that the council supported this motion and only sorry that the Conservative amendment – moved by Councillor Richard Cooper – delayed any action by over 5 months.

Many hospital staff put their lives at risk for the community every working day and to charge them over £50 per month to park on site at the hospital, particularly when we are all discouraged from using public transport, is disgraceful.

The cancellation of parking charges for staff would be a small gesture to show the gratitude of the management and the community.


  1. Please grant all front line workers at HDH free parking doctors nurses porters cleaners catering staff security admin and any others I missed lord Showa little compassion this hospital ha seen brilliant for me and my family so go a step further and grant this small gesture Well done HDH

    Chris costello

  2. It’s absolutely ridiculous charging staff for parking at their place of work.

    It is effectively a pay cut of their take home pay. On the contrary, i believe, nurses pay should increase to take into account the essential work they carryout for society.

    In additional danger money should be paid for working in the Intensive Care Units.

    The pay increases for essential work and working in dangerous conditions should be back dated to the begining of the Covid-19 pandemic and be maintained as part of future pay settlements.

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