Harrogate Town set to welcome back fans in the New Year

23 December 2020

As the restrictions continue to be eased, there are many lucky fans of football, rugby and several other sports that have been able to attend at least one match n the last few months. But with Harrogate Town leading the way for 500 fans to attend their most recent match-up, could this be a sign of a return to normality in the not too distant future. In this article, we will be providing you with some information on the recent changes to restrictions as well as what this could mean for the future as we return to normality once again.

The Three-Tier System

The end of lockdown in the UK bought about the introduction of a brand-new tier system to reduce the spread of Covid-19 and keep the economy working and operating. With this, however, has come a few crucial changes such as the return of a small number of dedicated fans back the stadium to cheer on their home towns as a result of being in tier 2 along with a majority of the country.

The Current Performance Of The Club This Season

Despite there being several fans allowed back into the stadium, the performance of the club this season has been anything far from spectacular. With the club currently sitting 17th out of the 24 teams in the league this season, it is not looking positive when it comes to the performance. As of the time of writing, the club has lost every game that they have played from the end of December it could be some time before we see the club heading to the top of the table for the 2020/21 season.  Despite having a second-place finish in the last season, there is not a lot of confidence out there for the return to the season thus far as the betting odds have taken a dip. With the betting odds currently sitting at 8/11, 10/3 and 19/5 for the upcoming games, there is plenty to suggest that they could be the favourite to win on several sites for these matchups and possibly the league as a whole.

The Welcoming Of Fans Into The Stadium

At the start of December, the lifting of the lockdown restrictions also saw the return of 500 very lucky fans returning to the stadium. Though this was not the normal experience for the fans as it would have been before the pandemic, the new protocols bought in by the club have allowed for fans to return safely with social distancing in place to enjoy the thrill of the game once again. This is a huge step in the right direction for the fans of the sport that are hoping to have a return to somewhat normality in the not-so-distant future.

Promising Sign As Fans Return To Other Major Sporting Events

In addition to the return of fans to the Harrogate game, the new restrictions have seen fans returning to these major sporting events such as the Autumn Nations Championships at Twickenham with 2000 fans allowed in. With the final between France and England being one of the closest in the history of the sport, it was England that took home the victory in the end. This is a promising start for the return of audiences in 2021 as many would love to see. In addition to this, the introduction of a vaccine may mean that there can be more fans in the stadium in the near future allowing there to be a return to somewhat normality as we move forward into the new year.

The Upcoming Season For Harrogate Town

With a grand total of 28 games left of the season, there is still some time to make an epic comeback in the league. With some of the games being a tougher match-up than others, this is set to be a challenge for the team that is having anything but a great performance thus far. However, as the number of cases continues to spike in some areas of the UK, could we be seeing some fans at these upcoming events or will we see a return to some form of lockdown measure at the beginning of the new year?

Whether you have been waiting for the football closely over the last few months or you are only joining at the beginning of this season to place your first bets, there is plenty to get excited about as fans begin to make a return to the stadiums.

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