Beth Deighton, Infuse.Scents
Beth Deighton, INFUSE.Scents

INFUSE Scents teams up with Inter Ceramica to help promote each other

17 November 2020

While we enter our second lockdown, Inter Ceramica are doing everything they can to support local businesses and work together throughout lockdown.

Harrogate’s INFUSE.Scents is working with Inter Ceramica to help promote each other.

  • Inter Ceramica are a local family run business in Harrogate, on Hornbeam Park, who have over 30 years’ experience in bespoke kitchen and bathroom design alongside showcasing the best Italian porcelain title manufacturers
  • Infuse Scents was created in 2020 during the first lockdown

Infised Scents concept was to create a gift that can be personalised and sentimental with a chose of your own scents that are inspired by well-known fragrances as well as including handwritten personalised messages.

Beth Deighton said:

I was working for High Street TV working on new products. Initially I was furloughed, like so many, but then made redundant.

Having time to hand, I found myself looking for ideas and particularly trying to answer the question, what do “people like”.

I have a friend that runs a candle business, so came across the idea of setting up reed diffuser and wax melt burner business.

Often we associate scents with memories and experiences, but to do that we can personalise a fragrance.

Initially we have just launched on Instagram and Facebook, but have already developed a strong following.

Infuse Scents said they wanted to do a collaboration with Inter Ceramica as they believe in businesses supporting other local business and shopping local.

Beth said:

It’s about a more sustainable lifestyle and we feel that Inter Ceramica’s style and designs coincides well with the style and look we have created for INFUSE.scents and believe we will look as a great collaborative team to create something special for the local area.

Joseph Murgatroyd from Inter Ceramaica
Joseph Murgatroyd from Inter Ceramaica

Joseph Murgatroyd from Inter Ceramaica said:

The kitchen is the heart of any family home and the heart of Christmas, by collaborating with Infuse Scents Christmas range this can provide the greatest scents and family feel you can get when you enter our showrooms.

We are about providing the experience and service for our customers not like another showroom.

We valued the local authenticity of Infuse Scents and the passion they have for providing top quality products and service for their customers.

Beth, talking about setting up a new business:

It was a big thing for us to try to do our part towards the environment trying to create a conscious business, especially in times when everything is so disposable.

As well as our products being kinder to the planet, we have also tried to do the same with our packaging, using recyclable boxes, packing filler, our labels made from recycled paper and even postal bags made from plant-starch.

INFUSE Scents Harrogate
INFUSE Scents Harrogate






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