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17 November 2020

The Corona pandemic in the UK has continued to rise, forcing the government to rethink new strategies aimed at limiting the spread of the virus. The government announced new measures limiting the movement of people within England starting from 5th November to 2nd December. 

The measures restrict people to stay indoors and move out only when strictly necessary to ease pressure on the national health systems. Harrogate in North Yorkshire has continued to record high numbers of corona infections. 

Restrictions in Harrogate

In line with the national restrictions, the Harrogate council has enforced new restrictions on the accessibility of Harrogate’s public amenities. You will not have access to public swimming centres, gyms, museums, places of leisure, offices for tourism information, or a visit to the Harrogate council offices until otherwise advised. 

The expected benefit of the restrictions

The new restrictions are aimed at achieving four points:

  • Minimize infection rates

  • Ease of pressure from the health systems

  • Help the institutions of learning remain open

  • Help the working population continue working

Harrogate’s mitigation actions

Harrogate continues to record high cases and has now taken the second leading position in the North Yorkshire districts. In total, the districts of North Yorkshire are recoding approximately 220 new cases every day and the total number of cases within November is currently over 2400 cases. 

The Harrogate council is working closely with local communities, non-profit organizations, and the business community to help contain the infections through the following measures.

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Strengthening the Community

There are a series of virtual gatherings across the Harrogate district involving the whole community aimed at getting pieces of information on our adaptations in the pre-corona era, the corona era, and beyond. 

Schools and colleges remain closed and online education remains the focus. Parents and the staff at the institution realize the importance of keeping pace with these testing times to help the students in every way.

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Community fund

This November 2020 saw the West Yorkshire & Harrogate health partners roll out a new one hundred thousand pounds fund aimed at providing grants to specific people within the Harrogate and West Yorkshire districts. 

It is aimed at reduction of damaging health actions, better health results and reduce imbalances for those who might suffer challenges associated with Corona. The fund will be utilized in the provision of food, costs related to corona isolation, and warm clothing/housing in the winter that is just setting in. 

Community Programs

The community program is aimed at building the community to create better council/community relationships in the provision of care and service. The program has the main reason for helping residents build better self-care, avoid poor health and enrol in public community work. 

The program is a partnership between the public departments and volunteers who work for the good health of people especially endangered and the less privileged like the slow-learners, those traveling and homeless, as well as those with pre-existing conditions like autism. 

Community testing & tracing

The Harrogate council has released guidelines to be followed by various sectors during the testing and tracing process of their staff members, learners, and health care providers under guidelines from the National Government.


If more than one person is living in your household and you notice one member is continuously coughing, has a fever, or is developing difficulty in breathing, isolate the individual and call the emergency number or the Harrogate council. 

If you live alone and experience the above signs, immediately seek medical attention and visit one of our isolation centres. 

Institutions of learning

Teachers must test their students for any signs of Corona and if they notice any positive signs, the student should be encouraged to isolate and wait for medical personnel to arrive. If the student tests positive, they are not allowed to attend school until they receive a certificate of clearance.

Personal protection & care

PPEs play a central role in helping reduce the spread of Corona and Schools and college administration should work in collaboration with the parents to ensure all learners wear protective masks.

The Harrogate council is working closely with NGOs to make PPEs available to those who need them, but employers must provide protective equipment to all their employers. 


You can seek further information on the coronavirus and Harrogate’s interventions on the following sites. 

GoK UKHarrogate InformerHarrogate Borough CouncilExaminer live – Harrogate and North Yorkshire Council


The Harrogate council is committed to ensuring the communities remain safe and the Coronavirus is contained to improve learning in our institutions. We are presently in the second phase of COVID-19 and analysts, researchers, NGOs, and the public authorities are working nonstop to get a remedy for the sickness. Until we get completely affirmed antibodies and medications, we should keep practicing the safety precautions and follow the Harrogate’s COVID-19 guidance rules.


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Vendy Adams works for an NGO that works for the welfare of college students by implementing mental health programs. She has a strong academic background and also works as an essay writer for a leading assignment service. In her free time, she likes watching science documentaries, reads books and magazines and plays tennis.

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