Captain Nick Smith has laid a wreath for Joseph Roy and more recently learnt that nearly all the crew had perished.

Wreath laid for Flight Engineer Joseph Roy, part of a crew of 6 that were killed near Linton on Ouse, 5 March 1945

11 November 2020

On 5 March 1945, a collision occurred over Linton on Ouse between 425 RCAF Squadron aircraft MZ845 and 426 Squadron aircraft PN228. It is believed that PN228 may have lost control due to airframe icing.

425 squadron were based at RAF Tholthorpe and 7 of the 8 on aircraft perished. The sole survivor was Joseph Andre Jean DeCruyenaere, the wireless operator flight sergeant. The remaining 6 crew members were all aged between 20 and 23 were all killed and have been laid to rest at Stonefall Cemetery in Harrogate, in adjacent graves.

Captain Nick Smith from Harrogate has laid a wreath for Joseph Roy and been in contact with his family, learning more of his story and sending photographs. Photographs were sent to Joseph Roy’s sister in 2017, when she learnt that she was going blind and wanted to see the grave.


425 RCAF Squadron aircraft MZ845:

  • Pilot – P/O Mark Sylvester Harold Anderson RCAF (J/92728), aged 23, of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Flight Engineer – P/O Joseph Donat Fernard Eugene Roy RCAF (J/94670), aged 22, of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Navigator – P/O Joseph Emile Roland Beaudry RCAF (J/94216), aged 21, of Quebec City, Canada.
  • Bomb Aimer – F/O Ronald Edward Oscar Charron RCAF (J/40447), aged 22, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
  • Air Gunner – F/Sgt Joseph Louis Paul Seguin RCAF (R/171212), aged 21, of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Air Gunner – P/O Joseph Louis Gaston Pelletier RCAF (J/94603), aged 20, of Point-aux-Trembles, Quebec, Canada.
  • Wireless Operator / Air Gunner – F/Sgt A J  DeCruyenaere RCAF (R/177985). Uninjured, baled out.

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