Feeling the Urge to Splash Out? Why A New Designer Bag Could be the Best Fashion Indulgence for the Autumn and Winter 2020 Season

It’s definitely been a tough year so far, and who can blame us for perhaps feeling like a little bit of retail therapy is in order? Of course, with most people’s social lives and even working lives heavily restricted at the moment, it can be difficult to feel like you can really justify splashing out on new pieces for your wardrobe if you don’t feel like you’ll get much of a chance to wear them. This season is definitely not one for going all in on the latest trends, or buying beautiful new party dresses, sadly.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun introducing something luxurious to your wardrobe, however – it just means you need to pick something that will still be in fashion when you start to go out more, and that you can get as much use of as possible when you do go out. All of this means that a very good candidate for your next big fashion purchase should be a timeless designer bag. Read on for further justification that you should invest in a gorgeous new designer bag!

Classic Looks Will Remain Stylish Forever

One thing you really want to be avoiding right now is spending a lot on things that are likely to be passing trends. It is likely that once the season is over you won’t feel like you really got to enjoy wearing the trend given you’re likely to be going out less than in a normal year – even over the Christmas party season, unfortunately. Happily, though, the best looks in bags aren’t really intended to be used as short lived trend pieces, but as key parts of your wardrobe that you keep in your bag rotation for years. Iconic bags can even fetch a good resale price years after purchase if they are kept in good condition, because they won’t have gone out of style.

Choosing the right brand and design is important, then, if you want a bag that you’ll be able to start using right away, but will also still be able to wear years from now. Rather than quirky designs from up and coming designers, or anything with a strong pattern or unusual colour, go for a bag in a classic shape and texture by a designer with a high pedigree, such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel, or Saint Laurent. Saint Laurent is a particularly good choice if you like the classic French chic of bags that draw the eye and do feature pretty embellishments, but are still bound to withstand the test of time. For an idea of the type of thing we mean, take a look at the latest collection of women’s bags by Saint Laurent at SSENSE.

Wear it With Everything

Another advantage of choosing a bag as your big fashion purchase of the season over getting other things like dresses, suits or tops, is that you can use the bag practically every time you do go out. If it makes you feel happy and stylish, you can even use it when you go to the supermarket without looking strange! If you’re working from home at the moment and rarely going out in the evening, then having something new that you can use when you do go and see other people will definitely give your mood a lift, and unlike with dresses or other clothing, nobody really thinks it’s weird if you are always wearing the same bag when they see you.

Easy to Shop for Online

A final reason to make bag shopping your next indulgence is that bags are one of the easiest fashion items to buy online. You don’t need to try them on for size, and it is easy to get a good impression of what a bag looks like from photographs of the details. If it is an iconic model of bag, chances are you’ve probably already seen one in real life anyway, to know what you will be getting. At the moment, where it can be very sensible to avoid going out shopping in person, being able to know you won’t be disappointed by an online purchase that doesn’t fit can be a big advantage in your shopping experience.

These are just some of the reasons why you should go for a new bag if you feel like you want to buy something new and special for yourself for the upcoming autumn and winter fashion season.

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