Planning process extension for new bottling plant at Harrogate Spring Water (Danone)

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The controversial extension of the bottling plant into an area of the has been delayed.

, now owned by Danone, already has outline permission, but has submitted amendments for a larger plant.

A council spokesman said:

Under the Business and Act 2020, any deadlines falling between 19 August and 31 December 2020 are now automatically extended until 1 May 2021 in recognition of the delays caused by COVID-19.

However, for the avoidance of doubt, Spring Water have also submitted a further application (Ref 20/03402/AMENDS) to extend the submission date of reserved matters for the extension to their bottling plant until 31 December 2020.

The application was approved yesterday under delegated powers.

If full planning permission is approved it would see a 4-acre area of woodland being removed and replaced with a processing plant.

Existing application the reference is 16/05254/OUTMAJ

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