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Transdev to run more buses as more timetables return to normal

The Harrogate Bus Company to run more buses as many timetables return to normal this weekend

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The Harrogate Bus Company will return to normal timetables this weekend.

The company has said that increasing number of customers are also returning to its services for work and leisure trips now that travel restrictions have eased, with added reassurance from its unique “Clean, Safe and Ready to Go” customer promise to provide the highest standards of cleanliness and safety on all of its buses.

General Manager Frank Stanisauskis said:

With increased and thorough cleaning of each bus, clear safety guidance on board and a warm welcome from our amazing team, the time is right to welcome more of our customers back to the bus.

Recognising that working patterns for many have changed, we’re now offering flexible ticket bundles as part-time home working has risen in popularity. All of these are available instantly on our Transdev Go mobile app, which also tracks every service throughout its route and shows our customers how much capacity there is on every bus at any point in the journey.

We’re ready to help people travelling back to work, back to the shops, back to leisure and back to education, while also reducing traffic congestion and air pollution in our local towns and cities. It’s time to come back to the bus.

From this Sunday, 6 September 2020, the following changes will be introduced:

  • The 36: Ripon and Harrogate to – normal timetable resumed with extra journeys between and Harrogate during weekday morning rush hour. As late opening venues remain closed, no late-night buses will run from on Saturday nights
  • The 1: Harrogate to Knaresborough – normal timetable resumed with minor changes around times, including an S1 morning bus from Harrogate to in Knaresborough, and a return bus in the afternoon, both reserved for students only
  • 2A and 2B: Harrogate to Bilton – normal timetable resumed
  • 3: Harrogate to Jennyfield – normal timetable resumed
  • 6: Harrogate to Pannal Ash – normal timetable resumed
  • 7: Harrogate to Wetherby then – normal timetable resumed
  • 8: Harrogate to Knaresborough then Wetherby – normal timetable resumed
  • 21: Knaresborough to then Roecliffe – normal timetable resumed
  • 22 and 23: Knaresborough and Ripon to and York – normal timetable resumed
  • 24: Harrogate to – a new timetable will be introduced with an added journey to School

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