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Cllr Geoff Webber

Harrogate Libdems say “comedy of errors” over exam results

17 August 2020

The Liberal Democrats have said that the government handling of exam results has threatened the further education prospects of many of students in North Yorkshire, calling it ministerial incompetence.

County Councillor Geoff Webber, leader of the Lib Dems on North Yorkshire County Council, has condemned the government handling of this whole issue saying:

I have nearly lost count of the number of times Gavin Williamson has changed his mind about grading assumed exam results and the various methods of appeal.  What is absolutely clear is that the system the government introduced for this year has failed abysmally and the lack of any clear direction has led to total confusion and anguish for students and parents.

I think that the safest way to proceed is to use teacher’s assessments and if that leads to grade inflation in the current academic year then so be it.  The situation will sort itself out when we return to normal examinations.


Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Layla Moran added:

Young people are being let down, and the confusion and uncertainty emanating from the Government is only making the situation worse. Things are getting ridiculous.

There has been mistake after mistake after mistake with Gavin Williamson over the last few of months.

The algorithm used for A-Level grades has clearly not worked and therefore should be scrapped with teacher grades used instead. The latest news that Ofqual has published guidelines, only to retract them hours later, is further proof that we need to go back to relying on centre assessed grades. With GCSE results looming, I am calling on the Government to use teachers’ grades too.

Boris Johnson has always promoted loyalty over competence. To claw back some public confidence, Gavin Williamson must go and the Prime Minister must cancel his holiday and come back to listen to pupils, parents and teachers. We need urgent clarity before more young people have their futures stolen.

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