Harrogate Cedar Court have a new garden lounge called The Tipi on the Stray

The Cedar Court Hotels Group continues to lead the way with innovative guest experiences: ‘Sing Along Drive in Movie Nights’ now make way for a Tipi in Harrogate…as the group celebrates a record surge in bookings.

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The Cedar Court Hotels Group continues to lead the way with innovative guest experiences: ‘Sing Along Drive in Movie Nights’ now make way for a Tipi in …as the group celebrates a record surge in bookings.

Wayne Topley Managing Director of the Yorkshire based hotel group, said:

Cedar Court Hotels has, all things considered, navigated the stresses of lockdown exceptionally well.

We have operated under a banner of kindness from the offset and the initiatives that have arisen from us making ‘Kindness our new currency’ offered us the opportunity to both keep our team engagement high and to really serve our communities – a win by anyone’s book

And, true to form, as far as that Cedar Court innovation goes…the ideas seem to just keep getting bigger!

Following a series of ‘Sing Along Drive In Movie Nights’ at Cedar Court Bradford theynow have a ‘garden lounge’ set in the grounds of Cedar Court .

Wayne Topley said:

This isn’t just a simple tent on the lawn though…no, that wouldn’t do for us! This is, as people have come to expect from Cedar Court, pretty exciting – it’s a full blown Tipi and we are very excited about this new addition!

As we have erected it in our grounds, right on the edge of historic Harrogate Parkland, we have called it ‘The Tipi on The .

The Tipi can hold 38 (safely distanced) people inside and has further outside seating for 34 other lucky customers

Wayne said:

We’ll asking guests to book in advance, and we will be carefully controlling the safety of everyone’s experience. The Tipi will be Tray Service only, with all food and drink ordered via our new App and paid for on contactless terminals.

As of 4 July, you can join us in our Tipi for a Beer and a Prosecco …or you can have a full-blown sumptuous Afternoon Tea experience cozied up next to the .

To further put people’s minds at rest: Cedar Court Hotels have secured in total, three externally accredited certifications in support of our new Covid-Safe processes.

Wayne Topley said:

These accreditations let us know that how we are now operating, is exceptionally safe. We are raring to go and the team are confident to do so.

The Tipi opens 4 July 4and is part of the Harrogate Hotels grounds for the next 28 days.

The new ‘garden lounge’ arrives at a positive time for the Group as they once again reopen their doors.

Wayne said:

My team have done an exceptional amount of work during the lockdown, I have been truly impressed with their output, they’ve really gone above and beyond.

My Senior Leaders especially have all picked up new parts of the business and have done so with flair and grace. Commercially, we have never had such high levels of media engagement and our revised collateral is looking superb. We have used our time well.

The new collateral it seems is working as the Hotel Group has recently welcomed a huge spike in sales,

See Table Bookings: https://togo.uk.com/makebooking?venueid=1040&event=18311
Afternoon Tea Bookings: https://togo.uk.com/makebooking?venueid=1040&event=18307
Cedar Court Hotels: www.cedarcourthotels.co.uk

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