Threshfield Quarry

Threshfield Quarry closes to visitors

Threshfield Quarry near Grassington has been closed to visitors.

Threshfield Quarry near Grassington has been closed to visitors.

The disused quarry was a popular visitor attraction since lockdown measures had been relaxed, allowing travel for exercise.

 Lucy Osborn, North Yorkshire Public Safety Officer, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, tweeted:

Threshfield Quarry is now closed permanently I’m afraid – same old story, the few have to ruined it for the majority.

So please do not waste a journey travelling here.

Sergeant Paul Evans, North Yorkshire Police said:

The quarry is private property and a decision has been made to restrict access due to safety fears. Young people have been jumping into deep water at the location and there were concerns that with drinking and possible drug use someone may come to some harm.

A cordon has been erected near the quarry

We had been monitoring the site due to coronavirus concerns initially, as large groups of youths had been gathering possibly in contravention of the lockdown.

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  1. This is so sad. So many people have genuinely enjoyed the quarry, and now the idiots have spoiled things yet again. I was looking forward to walking there again after virus restrictions cease. That will not happen now. I’ve avoided my regular walking trips, even after things relaxed, out of respect for locals and the area. Why can’t others use common sense and show some respect?

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