Parking restrictions put in place in Harrogate

18 May 2020

Parking restrictions have been put in place in the town centre of Harrogate. Cones and barrier tape have been put in place on James Street and Albert Street.

Sara Ferguson, Harrogate BID’s Acting Chairman, said:

Whilst we welcome the measures put in place to assist social distancing in Harrogate town centre, it’s imperative that there is clear signage indicating where there is parking.

As shops start to reopen from June 1, the last thing we want is returning customers being put off coming to Harrogate due to inadequate parking spaces in and around the town centre.

Because people will understandably be cautious about travelling by public transport, we need to take this into account and not punish car users, but welcome them.

There needs to clear signage on the main approaches into the town as well as within it, plus information on both North Yorkshire County Council and Harrogate Borough Councils as to which streets and carparks are open. We will gladly carry this information on our website too, and promote it regularly via our social media channels.


  1. Harrogate BID is supposed to be about business generation and the enhancement of what is already available, maybe rather than spending levy payers money on cleaning the pavements they should be producing signage in and around time informing residents and visitors where to park and the restrictions thereof.

  2. Having been a regular visitors to Harrogate for many years, I am very sorry to say ,we will not be returning, we sincerely hope that other town centres, don’t adopt the same silly draconian measures, as in our opinion, this type of thing, continues to stir up ,the panic & fear that is now pandemic in this once great country of ours,

  3. As a small business owner I would love to think that the town centre would be that busy that people need that much space. Pathways are not going to suddenly widen around the world. Maybe just use a couple of spaces to create passing zones….

  4. I notice from this picture of James Street that it appears disabled parking has been suspended too. My bank is in James Street and it is hard enough to find disabled parking along the road, without more restrictions. Have you considered the needs of the disabled shopper? We are wheelchair users and it is considerably easier to unload at the kerbside than in the enclosed space of a multi storey car park. We are shoppers too. I repeat my question, have the needs of disabled shoppers been considered?

  5. Are businesses allowed to remove them with impunity as is happening on Knaresborough High Street, or do some people think that they are above the law?

  6. Utter madness. It is forcing people who have to come to work to park in small areas in closer proximity. Thus instead of increasing social distancing, its reducing it. Why do we have to put up with such incompetent idiots. Still, our local councillors have been front and centre helping and supporting their electors during this crisis….not!

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