Sara Ferguson, Harrogate BID’s acting Chair
Sara Ferguson, Harrogate BID’s acting Chair

Harrogate BID responds to the Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy

12 May 2020

The Harrogate BID has responded to the Government’s strategy on coming out of lockdown.

Sara Ferguson, Harrogate BID’s acting Chair, said:

With the publication of this document, businesses in the retail sector now have a clear date that they can begin to work to in relation to preparing their shops for a phased reopening.

Whilst this is welcome news, and the first step in fully opening Harrogate town centre, social distancing and staff and customer safety must be of paramount importance.

We are currently looking into ways we can help levy payers open and still stay safe, plus liaising with Harrogate Borough Council about the potential for using other outdoor spaces within the town.


  1. Clear date? I thought all the dates were subject to change depending on how things go…

  2. The goverment seems to be trying to offload the responsibility for implementing proper safety protocols and their resourcing on to organisations and businesses instead of consulting with them and only then publishing guidelines. Not very reassuring.

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