Construction of the new student entrance underway

Construction of the new student entrance underway at Harrogate Grammar School

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Over the last five years the population at has gradually increased to meet the significant demand for places. The needed to find an innovative solution to the flow of students around , increase classroom space and also create a central focal point in the . The new student entrance meets that need and and the Red Kite Learning Trust are pleased to be working with Sewell Construction to deliver this project. In recent weeks, the closure of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many challenges, not least in creating an online and setting up our provision for the children of key workers.

The were really disappointed when the building works were ceased, but quickly received the news from Sewell’s that they had been able to put in place procedures to keep their team safe and source supplies. Over the last two weeks progress has been rapid, minimising disruption for when the children eventually return to .

When the building works commenced, the school worked closely with Sewell Construction to map out new routes for students to safely move around the building site and the Site Manager, Mr Carl Hurdus, mentioned his idea about students being able to sign the steels. It seems really poignant now that this idea is coming into fruition for the children of key workers who have been present in school during the pandemic.

On Wednesday 6 May, children signed the steels with their Headteacher, Mr , and their signatures will become part of the school’s history.

Mr Renton commented:

I am really pleased that Sewell’s have worked so closely with us to give our children this opportunity. We are all excited about the new build and believe that this innovative design will significantly enhance the provision for our students.

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