Video: VE Day Harrogate Cenotaph

This wasn't a formal VE Day at the Harrogate Cenotaph, but a number of people came together to pay their respects.


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This wasn’t a formal VE Day at the Cenotaph, but a number of people came together to pay their respects.


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  1. Sorry to need to correct you, but Harrogate does not have a Cenotaph – it is a war memorial. The only Cenotaph in the UK is the one in Whitehall, London, designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and unveiled on 11th November 1920.
    I was pleased to see the Harrogate Advertiser got it right in its online coverage, because I think that accuracy is important when covering events such as the VE Day celebrations and Remembrance Sunday.

    Veterans present to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day – including some who will have attended ceremonies at THE Cenotaph – will know the difference between the iconic structure in London and the Harrogate war memorial. Please don’t get it wrong again.

  2. I’m rather surprised that after almost 11 hours since I contacted the Harrogate Informer to point out your glaring factual inaccuracy – that there is no such thing as a Harrogate ‘Cenotaph’ – you have not corrected your error on your online news service.
    You say on your site that ‘good journalism is a valuable part of a community’ and, if you profess that to be what you are offering, you should know that accuracy is key to any story that you write.
    I don’t know where you or anybody you employ studied journalism, but you do need to check your facts before publishing an article with a headline containing such a schoolboy mistake.

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