Tiny minority verbally abusing bin workers – UNISON plea – Please treat key workers with respect

27 April 2020

Following on from the very many wonderful thank you cards and letters that continue to pour in to the Council regarding Bin workers, UNISON is sad to report that unfortunately there is a tiny minority who think it is OK to verbally abuse these key workers, who are delivering an essential service at an increased risk due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking for UNISON, Branch Secretary David Houlgate said:

The main experience for the drivers and loaders is one of overwhelming support from the public and I cannot emphasise enough just how uplifting that is for the crews but there is a small minority that, maybe through frustration or anxiety caused by the lockdown, think its fine to verbally abuse the staff. Let’s be clear those staff are working at increased risk for themselves in delivering this vital service and do not deserve to be treated in such a way.

This usually happens when a decision is taken not to take some items put out for waste removal.

There is no doubt that they are currently having to collect more than ever before as a result of the lockdown and staff from other Council services such as Parks and Sport and Leisure are helping out but there are legal limits on what the vehicles can carry and there are clear guidelines on what the crews can and cannot collect.

So please, please go easy on the crews. They are only doing their jobs but in very testing circumstances

We again wish to stress that the huge majority of residents are treating the crews with respect and appreciation and the crews value this. We wish to thank the public for all the support that they are giving.

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