Harroate Learning online
Harroate Learning online

Harrogate Learning On-line launches with a fantastic response from local teachers

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Registration on the new free on-line platform, that connects local Teachers and Students has exceeded expectation.

Learning Online is the brainchild of based Management Consultant, Mark Garre, designed to provide a platform where Teachers can list on-line courses for Students,
of all ages, to join and complete over the internet.

Following the closure of local schools in the middle of March, Mark recognised that not only did Parents need help supporting the home schooling of their children but schools had a number of different ways of delivering lessons which ranged from face to face video calls to emails and group homework seng.

By researching the tools available it became apparent that Parents, Teachers and Students needed a central platform where courses and classes could not only be adversed but delivered using the best technology available.

With his background in Digital Transformation and Marketing, Mark was able to build a working platform within days and launch the site to the public by the end of March.

The concept is simple; potential Teachers, following registration, can submit their course content on-line. This is then listed on a dedicated course web page and a teacher profile created detailing their skills, qualifications and background.

Teachers check their course is listed correctly before it is adversed to potential Students.

Teachers have the option of how much they want to charge for the course, if at all, how long each session lasts for and how many classes will be taught.

Once courses have sufficient students registered to take part (minimum and maximum Student numbers are set by teachers), Learning Online provides access to a range of online tools, developed by Google, to enable Students and Teachers to interact. Central to this are the Google Classroom and Google Hangout Apps.

This  technology from Google makes it possible for Teachers to deliver classes of up to 150 Students at once.

Mark Garre
Mark Garre

Founder, Mark Garre, said:

The response from Teachers has been fantastic.

I expected it to take a while for people to catch on but to have registered over 35 qualified Teachers ready to deliver on-line courses in just over 2 weeks has exceeded my expectation.

Harrogate Learning Online has 37 teachers registered with the site. These teachers are able to offer a wide range of subjects including Maths, Science, Modern Languages, Psychology and Art.

Harrogate Learning Online plans to release its first schedule of courses week commencing 20 April 2020. The cost of classes varies and will include a number of free courses.

In addition to this, some teachers are offering discounts of up to 100% to children of key workers, such as NHS staff.

Harrogate Learning Online takes a small admin fee to cover operational costs from courses that are paid for by Students. In the cases where courses are provided free of charge or discounted, Harrogate Learning Online will take no fee at all.

Also during the initial launch period, Harrogate Learning On-line are offering teachers the opportunity to run their first course totally free of charge.

This means that no admin fees will be due on payments received from Students joining the first course they list.

There are no restricons on the subjects and types of courses on offer.

The reason I set this up was to serve our local community. Not only are children missing out by not being at but with so many older people stuck at home for the next 3 months it is vital we offer a route to adult learning as well as giving them the ability to interact with fellow Students.

Registration remain open for both Teachers and Students, and can be completed online via the website:
hps://harrogatelearning.online/ . Registraon is free to everyone and courses can be in any subject, including
some adult learning classes in areas like holiday languages, art and counselling.

More about Harrogate Learning Online and Mark Garre

  • Harrogate Learning Online is a website www.harrogatelearning.online
  • Mark Garre has lived in Harrogate for almost 20 years and has worked as a senior Board Director at companies such as Blockbuster and Dixons Retail.
  • For the past 8 years he has operated as a professional Interim Director/Consultant supporng SME in their transformaon by embracing new technology. He trades under the limited company; Catmandoes Limited ( www.catmandoes.uk

For more informaon contact Mark Garre, email: info@harrogatelearning.online or phone: 0330 0431736

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