North Yorkshire very quiet over the Easter Weekend

14 April 2020

North Yorkshire Police say that the county was very quiet over the long Easter weekend

Polcie on patrol across the county over the four days reported quieter seafronts, beauty spots, towns and cities, which would usually be crowded with visitors at this time of year.

A small minority of people continued to ignore the restrictions however, and the force responded to reports of pockets of groups gathering, including a small number of BBQs and house parties, with the majority of reports coming in on Good Friday (10 April).

Mike Walker, North Yorkshire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable and Gold commander leading the response to the outbreak, said:

North Yorkshire’s roads, beautiful national parks, coastlines, beauty spots and picturesque towns and cities would usually be bustling at this time of year – but we were very pleased to see the county so quiet over the long weekend.

It’s humbling to see so many local people are listening and doing the right thing by staying home, protecting the NHS and saving lives and I once again want to thank each and every person who is following the Government’s guidance and is taking it seriously.

Our officers were on patrol across the county and reported people, for the most part, complying with the guidance and engaging with them positively, showing support for their efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Unfortunately, a small number of people deemed it appropriate to continue with their plans to see people from outside their household – be it BBQs or visiting friends or relatives – and I would reiterate to this minority that by ignoring the guidance, you are putting the lives of vulnerable people at risk, and not least your own friends and family members.

Our approach has always been to engage, explain and encourage members of the public to adhere to the guidelines and only use enforcement if we have to.

We are incredibly grateful to our local communities. We appreciate their patience, resilience and respect and ask them to simply continue in that same manner. And please remember that policing continues and we are here for you if you need us.

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