Harrogate Convention Centre

Harrogate Convention Centre to be a Cononavirus Hospital, but why no official announcement ?

For over a week there have been news stories running from various sources that the Harrogate Convention will become a coronavirus hospital - we still are waiting on the official announcement. 

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For over a week there have been news stories running from various sources that the Convention will become a hospital – we still are waiting on the official announcement.

A temporary, Hospital, is already operational at the ExCeL Convention Centre. It was confirmed that further hospitals were underway at the Birmingham Convention Centre, Manchester Central Complex, the Scottish Exhibition Centre in Glasgow and additional beds in Cardiff and Belfast.

The confusing thing has been that while there was clearly work underway at the Convention Centre to also convert it to a coronavirus hospital, it was not included in the announcement. We held back running any news items in the expectation further details would be soon available.

What we understand is going on:

  • Large concrete pads are being laid outside the are to site 42 tonne oxygen tanks
  • The capacity will be for 700 beds
  • There is currently a work force of 600 working frantically within many of the halls
  • Work is underway running oxygen and air lines, along with power supply network
  • Outside it is apparent that work is underway on utilities, with visibility that water pipes being replaced
  • Scaffolding at the front will provide a covered area for ambulances
  • Scaffolding on the dome was existing and for repair work to the dome
  • Inside, much has been boarded/ cladded for infection control

Further information as we receive it.


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  1. Who knows when anything will actually happen or happen efectively with this goverment running the show. ‘Be kind’ may be the watchword but don’t let’s forget to keep calling them to account when they could have risen more effectively to the occasion and less driven by their obsessions and blindspots.

  2. Thank god ur not living in USA. Thats a complete shit show. If u want to see how not to manage a crisis watch whats going on there

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