Knaresborough Market, safer than a supermarket ?

25 March 2020

Knaresborough Market is on today, but with non-food stores banned.

Harrogate Borough Council has said that they are complying with government advice and that this would give people a shopping option in Knaresborough that would allow them to get essentials without having to travel to supermarkets.

There are six stalls spread out over the entire market place where there are often upwards of 50.

The theory is that there is more room in that area for the small number of food stalls that are present that there is in the fresh produce area of a supermarket.

Local people will have to leave home at some point during the week to get the fresh food and produce so is it better nearer to home in the open air or further from home in a closed environment.

People were visibly observing social distance, with a queue to the right of the image.

Harrogate Borough Council say they are mindful of people observing the social distancing and are monitoring how will this is working.




  1. Totally and utterly irresponsible, selfish and ignorant……do you not watch the news?? A 21 year old girl died today with no underlying health issues!!!! The strap line is “Stay at Home” – what part of these 3 simple words are you struggling with. The virus doesn’t move, it moves because we do, stop moving and we’ll get through it without killing anymore, personally I don’t care if the people who attended the market die but to selfishly put people who are trying to do the right thing in danger is nothing short of attempted murder.

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