Becky Bowe

Becky Bowe with a new single and going Facebook Live this evening


Becky Bowe has recently released a new single ‘Don’t Darken My Door’ and will be streaming live this evening on Facebook Live. (24 March 2020)

Becky said:

The title ‘Don’t Darken My Door’ stemmed from a family friend who said the quote ‘Don’t darken my door’ to someone and I thought what a great lyric!!

But it also happened that two people in my family had broken up with their other halves on the same weekend so I decided I’d right a song about what they both went through.

They both had similar approaches so wanted to write a break up song that would speak to everyone.

My style has really progressed over the years. I started out really into jazz and that’s where my love of singing really came from.

From then, I started to get into songwriting and started listening to different artists from Pop, Rnb to Soul and started to create a sound that felt like me.

Jazz will always be a part of my singing in regards to my style of singing but the more I listened to different music the more my style progressed.


To watch her live:

24 March 2020 –  at 7:30pm


Becky Bowe

We asked Becky if her songs are a reflection of her personality.

Becky said:

I would say it’s a mixture. I’m not always so doom and gloom I’m actually very upbeat and quite a lively person but my songs are normally quite mellow and heartfelt. I do wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m very honest so I think that music is very much like my personality in that respect.


Becky first performed properly at her secondary school but her first performance as a solo artist was at Scotton Caravan Park and she describes it a whirlwind and remembers it well.

Becky said:

I would say when I performed and people clapped and actually enjoyed it, it made me feel that this is something I could do. I believed in training hard and to know that people enjoyed my singing made it feel like it was all worth it and knew that it was going to be my career!

I’m live streaming tonight at 7:30pm on Facebook live – but will try do another next week if it’s successful!

24 March 2020 –  at 7:30pm

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