Volunteers urgently sought at Harrogate District Hospital during Coronavirus pandemic

21 March 2020

An urgent call out is underway for extra people to join the existing wonderful group of committed Volunteers at Harrogate District Hospital who support staff in delivering services to our patients, carers and visitors.

Understandably and for a variety of reasons, a number of Volunteers have decided that they are unable to offer their support during the Coronavirus pandemic and have stood down.

The hospital team is now looking to recruit more Volunteers to undertake a variety of roles in various areas and departments. New positions are created all the time depending on current need, but Volunteers will largely be assisting in administrative and manual handling roles as suited to each individual’s skills.

Volunteer Services Manager Andrew Forsyth said:

It’s amazing how flexible our volunteers can be and we are missing them greatly during what is a busy time. Whilst we will welcome them back when this is over, we have some important gaps to fill. We thank you in advance for your support.

Volunteers will need to be aged between 16 and 70, not to be pregnant and have no underlying medical condition(s) as listed on the NHS 111 website (111.nhs.uk).

To protect both new Volunteers and our patients, carers and visitors, all Volunteers must undergo a recruitment process involving two references and an enhanced clearance from the Disclosure and Barring Service (at no cost to the Volunteer) and training for specific roles.

Anyone able to spare some time to support their local NHS should please complete and return an application form, available on the Trust website (www.hdft.nhs.uk/Volunteering). More details are available by emailing hdft.volunteering@nhs.net


  1. People may be happier to help, if they knew whether or not they had immunity to the Coronavirus.
    Some people have had flu-like symptoms very recently, but are unsure as to whether they are now immune to the Coronavirus yet.
    Could prospective volunteers be tested first to see it is safe For them to help at the hospital?

  2. Please could you let me know, I have applied to GoodSAM and not got an answer yet, obviously because of the number of volunteers has overwhelmed the system. This is great but I am now on the firlow scheme from work and free to work in a voluntary capacity.
    I have applied for driving duties and have both motorcycle and car to offer.
    Should I wait for the GoodSAM to reply to me or apply locally?
    Many thanks
    Paul Harrison
    Tel 07867643332

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