Harrogate town centre Police Station (Craven Lodge) to close and neighbourhood officers to co-locate at the Fire Station

4 March 2020

The lease for Craven Lodge where local teams are currently based has expired, so local Neighbourhood Teams will be joining Fire and Rescue colleagues at Harrogate Fire Station.

Response officers will move to Harrogate Police Station on Beckwith Head Road, and there will be a new, regular drop-in session at Harrogate Library on Victoria Avenue.

Craven Lodge opening in April 2012

There will be no impact on the level of policing in the town with the same officers servicing their communities as now. The team can also be contacted by email for any enquiries or concerns at Harrogate.Town@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk.

The drop-in session at Harrogate Library will initially be on Friday morning (9am to 12noon) and will ensure there is continued, and reliable, access to officers. Currently, when they need to see the police most people go to Beckwith Head but a very small number of people go to Craven Lodge. This service has not always been satisfactory as it relies on officers and staff being in the building which is often not the case.

However, to help ensure local neighbourhood officers can easily access their beats, the Fire Station will provide a central base, but will not be open to the public, who will continue to be served in the main at Beckwith Head.

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner said:

This decision is another example of the importance of ensuring we use new partnerships and technology to deliver the best possible service to keep people safe and feeling safe across Harrogate and beyond.

New ways of working mean officers are able to spend more time visible and accessible on the streets rather than having to work in buildings that are not fit for purpose and do not provide taxpayers value for money.

I am also pleased to see the police introduce a regular drop in session right in the heart of the community – a welcome development that has been made possible by new mobile technology. And of course keeping the levels of policing the same will ensure officers and PCSOs are even more visible across Harrogate in the future.


Philip Allott, prospective North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner said:

Innovation must also be at the heart of communicating with the general public and whilst sorting out a physical and sustainable, cost effective presence in Harrogate town is very important for some members of the community, I also want North Yorkshire Police and the Fire Service to allow people to communicate involving other methods like WhatsApp, text and online chat, for non-emergency issues.

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