Dementia Forward gain support from Wetherspooms and Carling for ‘Singing for Fun’

22 January 2020

Local dementia support charity have been awarded funding for its ‘Singing for Fun’ sessions as part of Carling’s Made Local initiative with Wetherspoon.

Dementia Forward a North Yorkshire charity, has received funding from Carling and Wetherspoon for its weekly singing group. The award was made by Carling Made Local, an initiative that sees funding a range of local community projects across the UK.

The funding will facilitate the running of a weekly singing group for people living with dementia and their carers. These sessions are facilitated by a Dementia Support Advisor alongside a team of trained volunteers. This service is crucial as according to Alzheimer’s Research UK 63.5% of carers for people with dementia feel they don’t have any, or enough support.

Harrogate Dementia Singing Group

NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Dementia recently published information surrounding the benefits that music can have for people living with dementia and their carers. As well as improving mental health and helping to maintain speech and language, music can stimulate emotional memories of life experiences.

This is particularly powerful for people living with dementia. Being in the choir also brings isolated people together to share experiences, improving mental health and providing a supportive community in a fun environment.

Dementia Forward Fundraiser and Deputy CEO, Netty Newell, said:

Sometimes a certain song can make all the difference to someone. When you trigger a memory in someone with music, it’s very special. We’re very grateful to Carling and Wetherspoon for supporting Dementia Singing for Fun, so that we can keep inspiring these moments together.


  1. A very good cause, pleased they have got more funding. But it’s not always possible for carers to accompany their relatives to such things, carers work or have other responsibilities as well as helping a loved one with dementia. I wish there were some way to support dementia sufferers to get out of the house – transport and practical help to leave the house. My mum can’t get to these things and would love them, she’s lonely at home. But the family can’t accompany her. And using volunteer transport wouldn’t work as she needs so much support to leave her house.

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