What to Do When Visiting Harrogate?

16 January 2020

Harrogate is one of the many tourist attractions that England has to offer. This town is a charming place located in, what was, the West Riding of Yorkshire. It was voted the happiest place to live in Britain for three consecutive years. It is a town of culture and is definitely worth a visit. The thing that the town is most famous for is its spa waters rich with minerals and excellent for tourists’ health. In addition to being a spa town, Harrogate has lots of events and places to offer to its visitors. So what can one do when visiting Harrogate?

Go Pubbing

Like most British towns Harrogate also has its fair share of bars and pubs. So if you want to try out some local food and go for a pint then you can visit some of the pubs in the area. Harrogate natives are avid sports fans and they love football and rugby. The town’s council encourages the sports activities and events taking place in the town and endorses special projects for that purpose.

Most pubs offer live TV so sports fans can enjoy a game with their mates. If you’re a football fan then you should visit Alexandra or The Harrogate Arms as these are the top bars in the town. If you’d like to place a bet on your team then you can rely on the many websites that will provide you with the best odds for football, rugby, bare knuckle boxing, cricket and other sports.

Stroll Through the Gardens

Besides the spas, Harrogate is famous for its many gardens and it would be a shame if you didn’t visit them. The Valley Gardens are the most popular in the area and they contain park lawn that’s perfect for picnics and games, seasonal floral gardens as well as pine woods that are magical to wander in. Another must-visit location is the RHS Harlow Carr Garden rich with unusual shrubbery as well as a tea room you can dine in.

Visit a Spa or Two

If you’re visiting a spa town and haven’t gone to a spa, have actually been there? The natural springs of Harrogate will help you relax and wash away your stress. Due to the high concentration of minerals the waters of these spas are thought to have healing powers. When searching for a spa make sure to visit The Turkish Baths as it combines an old-timey atmosphere with the traditional spa experience.

Plenty of Cultural Events to Choose From

Besides being a town rich in spas and gardens, Harrogate is also famous for its flowers. In fact, the town won the Large Town Award in 2016’s Britain in Bloom. The town has its own flower shows that you shouldn’t miss. If you’re looking for a display of culture then Harrogate will be happy to oblige. The town has its fair share of music concerts, plays and comedy festivals to offer. With all this in mind, you’ll have plenty of things to do in this town.

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