Poll: Should Harrogate Spring Water be allowed to build on the Pinewoods ?

6 January 2020

Harrogate Spring Water have applied for planning permission to build on the Rotary Woods area of the Pinewoods.

Full details of the application can be found here via ref 19/05245/DVCMAJ

The land is owned by Harrogate Borough Council and Harrogate Spring Water are looking to build a 6,800 sq m building to increase bottling capacity.

The area of land is behind the current bottling plant.

Should Harrogate Spring Water be granted planning permission to build on the Pinewoods ?

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  1. I rejoiced in seeing this wood established. So much hard work, now threatened by commercial expansion – and for what? To put what is essentially tap water into plastic bottles, so that the bottled water can be sold at profit to idiots, who will subsequently pollute the environment with the discarded plastic bottles. Sheer madness.

  2. We all know that the production of plastic bottles which do not bio degrade but stay in the environment forever ultimately harming sea creatures and wildlife is surely something which should be discouraged.
    Therefore, do we really want to see the destruction of an estimated 150 mature trees and the destruction of four acres of woodland to enable more plastic bottles to be produced for financial gain. Our answer must be a resounding NO.

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