Knaresborough Primary School Children plant poppies ahead of Remembrance Sunday

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Knaresborough primary schools planted poppies today, near to the castle and ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

Forest , Aspin, Meadowside, St John’s and St Mary’s have been studying the topic Remembrance this week and planted recycled poppies. Wreaths from last year were kept and over the last few weeks given to the local schools to turn into poppies. The children have all been working hard on the project.

Alan Pitchfork of the Knaresborough British Legion said:

It’s wonderful that we had such a positive response from all the local schools.

The children will have got a lot from the week and I would like to give back thank you to all involved.

There will be a Remembrance Sunday service on Sunday (10 November 2019), by the castle.

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