Employee Training Through Elearning: Impact And Benefits

8 November 2019

Learning is a crucial life long process. There is no end to it and one can learn as much as he wants. Similarly, training is also an essential part of an employee’s career, necessary for the organisation’s growth as well. However, times are changing, and there is a strong need to replace traditional classroom training programs. This is where eLearning comes into the picture and has completely transformed the employee training process.

Advantages of employee training:

  • Improves employee capabilities
  • Trained employees are more efficient
  • Ensures that the company is matching the industry standards
  • Trained employees do not need supervision
  • Employees are aware of the latest technology
  • Growth of employees and companies

Today, eLearning is a buzzword in the corporate world for employee training, and it is because of its benefits that it is widely adopted among small and large enterprises.

So what exactly is eLearning, and how does it impact employee training?

As in the name, eLearning is electronic learning and means using a computer to impart knowledge. eLearning can be used from delivering a part of a course to a full program in school, college, or any organisation. eLearning courses can be in any electronic form like audio, video, webinars, presentations, games, etc.

Impact of eLearning in employee training can be seen in 3 verticals i.e. employee efficiency, training cost, and motivation to work. Reduced training costs is the most significant advantage of eLearning over conventional training methods.

Top benefits of eLearning:

  1. Reduced training costs – Companies like Amazon spend lots of money on skill development of their employees. They realise that the employees are the most significant assets to the company and to keep up in the competitive market, quality employee training is essential. However, smaller companies cannot spend loads of money on employee training and do not wish to compromise on quality as well. That’s how eLearning comes to their rescue. Employee training through eLearning is very cost-effective as compared to traditional training programs. eLearning eliminates costly things like venue booking, travelling expenditure, hiring a trainer, etc. You can also consider top free LMS tools for employee training to further reduce expenses.
  2. Personalised programs – One of the reasons for the widespread popularity of eLearning employee training is the personalisations it offers. Training programs can be tailored as per the needs of the employee and company. For example, personalised programs can help companies to set desired targets so that the employees are trained in scenarios that resemble actual goals.
  3. High Flexibility – Every person learns at his own pace. eLearning offers excellent flexibility in terms of time and speed so that the learner is comfortable and can complete the training as per his convenience.
  4. High employee engagement – The responsive design and approach of eLearning programs improves interaction and engagement. Employees can start discussions, clear doubts, share knowledge, and discuss opinions. Addition of quizzes also increases employee engagement, offering timely feedback for the employers as well.
  5. Multiple learning styles – Every person has different learning preferences. Some learn quickly through pictures, while some need videos to understand a concept better. eLearning training methods include a bucket full of options like images, videos, infographics, games, etc.
    • Additionally, there are multiple assessment methods like quizzes, exams, case studies, etc. for people different levels of engagement and understanding.
  6. Measurable results – Knowing the results of a training session is as essential as conducting one. Investment in training is only justified if you’re able to see the final results. eLearning is the best way to pull all the data and see insights like individual score, average score, average time taken, etc.

Final Thoughts

eLearning is a one-stop solution for all corporate training needs. It is because of the benefits mentioned above that eLearning has become the priority of organisations for training their employees.

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