See you at the Spiegelyurt

30 October 2019

Next month Harrogate Theatre is bringing a splash of Edinburgh Fringe to Harrogate.  The Spiegelyurt is whirling into town for a week-long celebration of the strangely wonderful and the wonderfully hilarious.

Performing in the Spiegelyurt we have BBC presenter David Bramwell, chaos makers Ship Of Fools and our hosts for the week Lucy Hopkins and Bob Slayer.  The Blundabus is also coming – a converted double-decker bus where you can relax and grab a drink before the shows.

Bob Slayer is an award-winning comedian and creator of the brilliant Blundabus. Lucy Hopkins is an ‘award-winning clown’, director, and workshop leader whose work is based on her full-hearted belief that people are tremendous.

  • On Monday 11 November we open the Spiegelyurt with ‘Hello Harrogate’, giving you a chance to discover this twinkling gem of a venue and meet your hosts for the week, the brilliant Bob and Lucy, for an evening of fabulous fun.
  • On Tuesday 12 November the Spiegelyurt will present a double-bill evening of ‘Secrt Circl’ & ‘Fat Jockey’.
    • ‘Secrt Circl’ creates a space for play, reminding audiences what they love about live performance and creating something from nothing. Hopkins takes cues from the audience to mould the show into something different every night.
    • ‘Fat Jockey’ features Bob Slayer’s origin story: pre-comedy, pre-touring with bands and pre-eating all the pies, apparently Bob could’ve won the Grand National!
  • On Wednesday 13 November ‘Ceremony of Golden Truth’ by Hopkins is followed by ‘Jokes are Cheating’ where master of spontaneous comedy Slayer takes his audience on a quest for Real Magic.
  • On Thursday 14 November anarchic tricksters A Ship of Fools bring their disturbing and downright funny show ‘Welcome To Paradise’ to the Spiegelyurt. Sit back and enjoy with a complimentary mince pie and mulled wine.
  • On Friday 15 November it’s ‘Ding Dong Merrily We’re High’ and Hopkins & Slayer will guarantee you will never look at Christmas the same way again. On the same evening David Bramwell’s ‘The Haunted Moustache’ is a funny and moving personal odyssey into the occult, facial hair and the true meaning of magic.
  • The final shows on Saturday 16 November are ‘Ding Dong Merrily We’re High’ (as before) & A Ship of Fools are back to take you on a hilarious voyage aboard the leaky vessel of a broken care system with their show ‘From the Cradle to the Bin’.

The Spiegelyurt and Blundabus will be popping up behind St Wilfrid’s Church in Harrogate 11-16 November.

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