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Police arrest man follow alleged violent threats

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were alerted to a report of a violence threat at an address in at 9.47am on Thursday 10 October 2019.

A man believed to be responsible for the alleged threat had already left the area when arrived.

The attending officers were supported by the Firearms Support Unit and a police helicopter.

A man has been arrested and remains in police custody for questioning. Please quote -10102019-0108

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  1. I recently, that crime in Harrogate has grown so much as to come to the attention
    of the national crime agency. A lot of the criime incidents are happing on the Jennyfield estate and on Saltergate estate. The latter is the Belway housing.
    Someone told me that the the Jennyfield and residents are blaming Saltergate residents and Saltergate residents blaming Jennyfield.
    It needs disproving and nipping in the bud before things deteriorate further

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