Emile Riggon
Emile Riggon

18-year-old given suspended prison sentence for drug dealing in Harrogate


An 18-year-old “county lines” drug pusher from West Yorkshire has been spared a custodial sentenced and handed a  24 months imprisonment, suspended for 2 years, for dealing heroin, cocaine and cannabis in Harrogate.

Emile Riggon, who was just 17 when police arrested him, was sentenced at York Crown Court on Monday 29 July 2019.

Riggon was caught when police called at a flat in Harrogate after receiving information about suspicious activity. He tried to escape from officers but failed.

A subsequent search of a bag he was wearing revealed 189 packages of heroin, 15 bags of cannabis skunk, a bag containing 47 grams of heroin and a bag of white powder which was later confirmed as phenacetin – a banned drug that can cause kidney failure and cancer which is used by drug dealers to cut cocaine.

A machete was found inside his trousers along with a lock-knife in his pocket.

A search of the flat where officers found Riggon revealed more drugs including a bag containing 13 grams of cocaine, weighing scales and other drugs paraphernalia.

Riggon, of Albion Street, Dewsbury, and previously of Chapletown, Leeds, pleaded guilty to four charges including two counts of possessing cocaine with intent to supply, one count of possessing heroin with intent to supply and one count of possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

Riggon had all the hallmarks of so-called “county lines” drug dealing, travelling from West Yorkshire to pedal drugs in Harrogate, using the homes of local drug users as a base to store and sell his drugs.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Hayley Goodlad of Harrogate CID, said:

Another drug dealer touting class A drugs in Harrogate has been sentenced and a large amount of drugs taken out of circulation. This case is a clear demonstration of the action we can take when members of the public act on their instincts and call in with information.

Riggon was only 17 when he was caught, a child, for whatever reason, caught up in a dangerous world of drug dealing and violence. I hope he gets the support he needs to move away from a criminal lifestyle and choses a more positive path for his future.


  1. So the guy has multiple bags of Class A drugs ready to deal. He also had bulk Class A drugs as well as a potentially life threatening cutting chemical ready to manufacture more deal bags. And in case any of his customers or members of the public cause a bit of bother, he has a machete and a lock knife.
    And he gets a suspended sentence. What possible deterrent is that – and what message does it send to other criminals and members of the public.

    • I couldn’t agree more. There’s no deterent, he’ll go on to do it again, why shouldn’t he? He won’t have learnt a damn thing. That’s why people don’t bother reporting these things anymore. What’s the point,? Next time he might kill someone, but again so what?. Nothing will be done about it, there doesn’t appear to be any law against it. That’s the message that’s sent out to these thugs. Unless of course they hurt a policeman, then you might see something done about it.

  2. Why did he not get sent to prison I have been getting bullied by teenagers who do drugs and threatened as well

  3. We, re just :Jo public. ‘ We don’t matter. Not even prisons a deterent anymore. If this druggies ruined lives, that’s ok. Who cares,? Not the law, fly these thugs far away, and drop them off from a very great height, minus the parachute. But that’s too harsh, I’ve no doubt some will say. OK, let’s just do what the law stipulates, tell them they’re naughty, and allow them to carry on.

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